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Hidden Ashes

Jewellery with hidden ashes is the perfect memorial keepsake. To a stranger, the jewellery will look like any other ordinary piece, but the owner of the jewellery will be aware of the emotional significance it contains. We offer a range of hidden ashes jewellery, including classic and contemporary styles. Choose from dazzling diamond jewellery or subtle and understated pieces crafted from precious metals including silver and gold

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Our range of jewellery containing ashes includes something for everyone. We have dazzling solitaire diamond rings, perfect for an engagement or other special occasion. We also offer diamond pendants that will dress up any outfit. For a more understated and masculine choice, we offer signet rings and wide plain band rings. We have dainty charms, perfect for a Pandora bracelet or similar.

Pendant necklaces offer a simple and tactile keepsake to offer comfort and reassurance. We also offer cufflinks for a special occasion or everyday wear. Memorial tokens are the perfect addition to a keepsake box. And finally, bracelets and bangles are ideal for both men and women in mourning.
All of our jewellery containing ashes is made from precious metals and handcrafted in our Worthing studio and workshop. The jewellery is specially designed with a secret hidden compartment that can be used to hold cremation ashes or hair. Once filled, the compartment is permanently sealed, keeping the ashes safe forever. This is a superior choice to resin jewellery as the resin will degrade and discolour over time.

We only use precious metals for our jewellery containing ashes to ensure that the ashes contained within are kept safe. This jewellery can be worn all day, every day without worrying about the contents being damaged. We also offer permanent bracelets which are designed to be worn all of the time and not taken off, which demonstrates the durability of our memorial jewellery.


Many of our precious metal jewellery items can also be further customised with engravings to help enhance the sentimentality of the piece. While some only have space for initials and symbols, others are suitable for longer messages.

Since our jewellery is made from precious metals, you can also choose to add engraving at a later date if you are unsure about what to include.



To complete your jewellery containing ashes, many pieces also have the option to include precious gems such as diamonds. We only use lab-grown diamonds which offer superior quality and better value for money than mined diamonds. They also offer consistent quality, with DEF colour, SI clarity and VG cut. These diamonds offer incredible sparkle and clarity while also retaining their value over time.

A diamond made from ashes does not offer the same qualities. For help choosing the ideal cremation jewellery for yourself or a loved one, the Ashes With Art team are here to guide you. We can help you to choose the ideal jewellery containing ashes that will bring comfort and reassurance during times of need. We know that the grieving process can be very difficult to manage alone, but the reassurance that our memorial jewellery and keepsakes can bring will certainly help.



What jewellery can you get from cremated people's ashes?

We offer a wide selection of jewellery containing ashes. You can choose from necklaces, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, charms, bangles and rings. We also offer a wide selection of diamond jewellery. Our hidden compartment jewellery is specially designed to hold cremation ashes or hair, ensuring that the remains are kept safe forever. Most of our cremation jewellery can be further customised with engraved messages to help create the perfect memorial for your loved one. We create memorial jewellery for both people and pets.

What is Secret Chamber Jewellery?

Secret Chamber Jewellery is another name for jewellery with hidden ashes. Each of our designs that we make in this way has the word ‘Secrets’ in the name. We are the pioneers of this type of ashes jewellery and we continue to develop new designs and push the boundaries of what has been done before with new innovations regularly. As with all good ideas, others copy but the original and best quality are made right here by us. You will find that those who copy only use metals such as silver or lower grade golds.

Is this the same as self fill ashes jewellery?

This jewellery is different to self fill ashes jewellery in a number of ways. Firstly you do not need to place the ashes into the jewellery yourself. We do this part ourselves as we need to permanently seal the chamber afterwards to ensure that the ashes cannot come out. We do this using a special technique that we developed over a number of years. Secondly, the ashes cannot come out. Self fill jewellery has a screw top section that can easily come undone and fall away. Our jewellery holds the ashes inside the metal, there is no screw top lid so the ashes cannot come out. Thirdly, self-fill jewellery is normally made of base metals or low grade silver. We use the very best quality precious metals including sterling silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold and platinum. Finally self fill jewellery is mass produced where as we hand make each piece of jewellery to order, just for you. We believe that only the very best quality is good enough for memorial jewellery.

Are cremation diamonds a hoax?

While it is certainly possible to create a diamond from ashes, we wouldn’t recommend it. Diamonds made from ashes are incredibly expensive and they do not retain their value. A diamond made from ashes is also inferior to a lab-grown diamond as it will be more yellow and may contain inclusions that impact the shine. There may also be companies that charge a high price to create a diamond from ashes, but there is no real way to confirm if the ashes ever make it into the diamond. It would be difficult to say if cremation diamonds are a hoax without seeing the process firsthand. Instead of a diamond made from ashes, we recommend diamond jewellery that contains a hidden compartment under the setting. This will allow you to create a memorial piece of jewellery that retains its value and will become a treasured family heirloom.