Jewellery With Hidden Ashes

Jewellery with hidden ashes is the perfect memorial keepsake. To a stranger, the jewellery will look like any other ordinary piece, but the owner of the jewellery will be aware of the emotional significance it contains. We offer a range of hidden ashes jewellery, including classic and contemporary styles. Choose from dazzling diamond jewellery or subtle and understated pieces crafted from precious metals including silver and gold.

Our most frequently asked questions

We offer a wide selection of jewellery containing ashes. You can choose from necklaces, pendants, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, charms, bangles and rings. We also offer a wide selection of diamond jewellery. Our hidden compartment jewellery is specially designed to hold cremation ashes or hair, ensuring that the remains are kept safe forever. Most of our cremation jewellery can be further customised with engraved messages to help create the perfect memorial for your loved one. We create memorial jewellery for both people and pets.