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Ashes To Diamond Jewellery

Our approach to ashes diamonds is a little different to others. Our jewellery has the same heartfelt sentiment with a higher quality and fully certified diamond at a significantly lower price (8 to 10 times cheaper).



We understand why you are on our website and believe that everyone should be able to afford exactly what they want as a memorial, without compromising on the very highest quality. We make our Diamond Memorial Jewellery using the ashes or hair of your loved one, which are carefully placed into the jewellery and permanently sealed so that they cannot come out. We then use the very highest quality, ethical and certified lab-grown diamonds to finish your piece. We have diamonds of all sizes, all the way up to 3ct, so you can find the ideal diamond for your memorial keepsake.



We hand select each and every diamond to ensure that it is of the very highest quality. The diamonds we use have excellent properties, including D E F colourless diamonds, an SI1 clarity with a minimum cut of VG. Every diamond we sell above 0.2ct comes with an IGI certificate which will be provided with your completed piece and can also be viewed independently online. Due to the very high standards we hold during our selection process, every one of our diamonds makes for a truly stunning ring or necklace. To protect the planet, we only use ethical lab-grown diamonds.



Whilst the idea of turning the ashes of a lost loved one or pet into a diamond is a wonderful idea, there remain many questions around the credibility of the process. Do you actually end up with a diamond grown from the ashes of a loved one, or just a hugely overpriced lab-grown diamond? You only have to google "are ashes diamonds real?" and you will see lots of articles believing it is not possible. Only the companies stating that they make diamonds with human ashes state that it's real. We certainly wouldn't buy one, which is why we have created our diamond range. We can guarantee the ashes are within the piece we make and the end result is a higher quality diamond that provides exactly the same comfort at a fraction of the cost.



We are the UK's premium memorial jewellery manufacturers and have many years of experience in making high quality jewellery with ashes. Whether we place ashes into our glass gemstones that are clearly visible or hide the ashes within one of hidden chamber designs, our process can be physically seen and tested. You are guaranteed that the ashes are there as you can see the process of how we make your jewellery. We also ensure that the ashes are treated with the utmost respect throughout the process for added peace of mind.


We’ll help you to create a lasting memorial to your lost loved ones with our collection of diamond memorial jewellery. Each bespoke piece of jewellery will bring comfort to those mourning the loss of a loved one. Our skilled artists create stunning tributes from precious metals, including silver, 9ct gold, 18ct gold and platinum. Our beautiful ashes diamond jewellery is the ideal choice to help individuals in mourning.

We offer something for every style and taste. Our diamond ashes jewellery collection includes rings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, earrings and more.

A piece of diamond memorial jewellery can help individuals to find closure after the loss of a loved one. This type of jewellery will allow you to scatter the ashes whilst keeping a small memorial to your loved one close to hand. We help individuals with all budgets to create the perfect memorial piece in both traditional and contemporary styles.

Our collection of ashes to diamonds jewellery is also incredibly discreet, so no one will ever need to know you are wearing a piece of memorial jewellery. Our stylish pieces look like any other piece of jewellery, so only the wearer will ever be aware of the emotional connection to the piece.

All of our diamond ashes jewellery is made to order and handcrafted in our workshop. We only use the finest materials to create your jewellery, so you can wear it day and night without worrying about the jewellery breaking down over time.


What is the quality of your diamonds?

We hand select every diamond to ensure that they are of the very best quality. To help protect the planet we use ethically lab-grown diamonds. All of our diamonds are colourless D E F, which is the very best colour range that you can have. These coloured diamonds are bright white. All of our diamonds are eye clean, which means that you cannot see any imperfections with the naked eye. We choose a minimum clarity of SI. The cut quality of our diamonds is a minimum of VG which stands for Very Good. Each diamond we choose has a minimum quality of D E F Colour, SI1, VG. Every diamond above 0.2ct comes with a certificate from the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Do you make diamonds with ashes or hair?

Our approach to diamonds made with ashes is different to others. Instead of making a diamond from the ashes, a process which does not guarantee the ashes are within, we do something different. Our approach is to create a beautiful diamond piece of jewellery and place the ashes within the jewellery, rather than the diamond itself. The result is that the finished jewellery holds the same heartfelt sentiment, however, the costs are significantly less to you and the diamond will retain its value as it is not made using ashes.

Why are your diamond and ashes rings so affordable?

Whilst our diamond ashes jewellery is of the very highest quality, it is also very affordable. This is because we are not making an ashes diamond or charging you a premium for this. Companies that claim to make diamonds with ashes place a sentimental markup of 8-10 times the cost of a lab-grown diamond.

Can I make a diamond necklace out of my dog or cat ashes?

Yes, you can and we do this every day. We have a full range of diamond necklaces that can be made with pet's ashes. We can also use hair if you don't have ashes.

My loved one has passed away. Can you make me a diamond with their ashes?

Whilst we don't make diamonds with ashes, we can make you a beautiful diamond ring with ashes. We make many different styles of diamond ashes jewellery and as we place the ashes within the precious metal, the ashes are permanently protected. This method of creating diamond ashes jewellery is up to 10 x more cost-effective and will hold its value better, making it a true family keepsake that can be passed down through the generations.

How much does it cost to get your pet's ashes turned into a diamond?

Turning ashes into diamonds is very expensive, with average costs being around 8-10 times more expensive than the cost of a standard lab-grown diamond. We believe in affordable quality, which is why we choose to place ashes within the piece rather than create an ashes diamond.

Do your diamonds come certified?

Every diamond we sell above 0.2ct comes fully certified by the world-renowned International Gemological Institute. Each diamond has a tiny laser etching with the certificate number on it. This is viewable under a 14x jewellers loupe. Each certificate can be reviewed independently online. We don't believe that you should buy a diamond without a proper certificate, as you cannot guarantee exactly what you are buying.

Should I buy an uncertified diamond?

We don't believe that you should buy an uncertified diamond. There are several reasons for this. Without a proper certificate, you cannot be certain what you're buying and there is no guarantee that the quality is what you are being told. Resale value of uncertified diamonds will always be less. Generally there is a reason why diamonds are not certified as diamond miners and producers will always certify good quality diamonds. You cannot guarantee that the mining or production of the diamond was carried out ethically.

Should I buy a diamond made with ashes?

This is a very personal question and we can only give you our opinion. We believe that the cost of a diamond made with ashes is far too high. Companies charge a premium of between 8 to 10 times more than a standard lab-grown diamond, which we believe is significantly more than it needs to be. We are also very wary of the process as there is no evidence that the diamond that is grown actually takes on the ashes of your loved one. This is why we, as the UK's premium memorial jewellery specialist, take the approach to memorial diamonds that we do.

Can you supply mined diamonds?

Yes, we can. Please call us if you would like to use a mined diamond instead of an ethical lab-grown one. We can source any quality, shape and size of diamond that you require. We can be called on 01903 216425 or you can email us at

What is a lab grown diamond and is it different from a mined diamond?

A lab-grown diamond is a man-made diamond that is produced in a specialist facility rather than mined from the earth. Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds with the same compound structure, strength and beauty. Standard diamond testing machines cannot tell the difference between mined and lab-grown diamonds as they are identical.