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Ashes To Blue Sapphire Jewellery

With over twenty-five years of experience as pioneers of the memorial industry we know how hard it can be to navigate ashes and hair jewellery. That's why we do things a little differently to help put your mind at ease. Our precious gemstone jewellery range, including our sapphires, was created by our specialist jewellers to ensure that when your order is finished, you will receive a stunning sapphire piece that guarantees the ashes or hair of your loved one are safely inside.



We don’t create our blue sapphires directly from the ashes or hair here, neither do we do this for our ashes diamonds. We have spent a lot of time researching turning ashes into precious gemstones and we found that scientifically there is zero evidence that the ashes actually end up in the gemstone. This process is also very expensive for the customer and produces a gemstone with little value; especially as there is no guarantee the ashes or hair are actually within the stone.

With our ashes to blue sapphire jewellery, we can guarantee a stunning gemstone and that your loved ones ashes are safely inside your piece.



 When we create an ashes or hair to sapphire piece, our jewellers create a secret chamber within the metal. Our specialists gently place the ashes or hair inside this small space, and then we laser weld it closed, ensuring the contents are held safely inside forever. Our expert jewellers hand-set the blue sapphire in your piece separately, meaning your order retains both its monetary value, and the extreme sentimental value it has. Doing it this way, in-house and with our refined techniques, we can can also keep our prices as low as possible, meaning real precious gemstone memorial jewellery is as accessible to as many people as possible.



Blue sapphires aren't just a beautiful precious gemstone. They are a perfect choice for memorial jewellery containing ashes or hair due to their durability and hardness. Sapphires are a very hard stone, ranking just below diamonds on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Their extreme durability means you can wear them every day without fear of damage or scuffing. This can be a worry with some cheaper materials, such as resin, which is unfortunately common in memorial jewellery but not at all suitable.



Our blue sapphires, as well as our other precious gemstones, are ethically lab-grown. We hand pick each and every one to ensure only the very best quality for our jewellery pieces and our expert team hand-set each individual stone.

We never use glue or resin in our making process and do not believe in cutting corners or rushing quality. Prioritising traditional techniques is a cornerstone of our values, alongside true knowledge of the craft of memorial jewellery.

We only ever work on one piece at a time and all of us understand the importance of the ashes and hair. Trust and respect is at the core of what we do and each of us understand the pain of loss. Our team are always available to chat to, or you can even come and visit our workshop to see and learn more about our process.


Can you make blue sapphires from ashes?

Yes, ashes can be turned into blue sapphire gemstones. However, the process of turning ashes themselves into a stone is very expensive and has little evidence to suggest the ashes are inside the sapphire itself. Instead, we recommend using a method such as Secrets Chambers, where the ashes can be placed into the metal of a piece of jewellery and a real sapphire set alongside them. This guarantees the ashes are in your memorial jewellery and that you have a real precious gemstone that retains its value.

Can I put hair into blue sapphire jewellery?

Yes, we can do this for you. Using our specialist Secrets Chamber technique, we can place hair within a small space in the metal of the memorial ring or pendant. Our expert jeweller’s laser-weld this closed, keeping the hair safe within.

What other colours do sapphires come in?

Sapphires are generally known for their traditional royal blue colour. Many people are surprised to learn, then, that they do actually come in a wide variety of colours.

Any sapphires that are not blue are known as fancy sapphires. They come in shades of purple, yellow, green, orange, and pink.

Is a lab-grown sapphire a real sapphire?

Yes, lab-grown sapphires are real sapphires. They have the same properties as mined sapphires and there are no physical differences between the two. Lab-grown diamonds are generally more cost-effective, ethical, and environmentally friendly, which we love.

Can I wear my blue sapphire ashes ring every day?

Yes, any of our ashes sapphire jewellery is suitable to wear daily. Sapphires are a hardy and resilient stone, making them a perfect choice for a special memorial piece that you would want with you always. Our specialist Secrets Chamber method of enclosing ashes also means they are kept safe inside and cannot come out. They can be worn in water and are resistant to heat and common chemicals. As with any precious piece of jewellery, we advise removing your ring if you are taking part in activities or exercises that could cause physical damage or loss.