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Ashes Bracelets

An ashes bracelet is the ideal choice for individuals who want to feel close to their loved one. We offer a wide range of ashes bracelet styles that will suit every personality and preference. We also offer the option of a claspless or welded bracelet which is designed to be worn permanently. This type of jewellery can bring a lot of comfort and will also remove the fear of losing the jewellery.



An ashes bracelet contains a small amount of ashes from a cremated loved one. Wearing the ashes of a loved one can bring a lot of comfort and help individuals to work through the grieving process. The ashes are not always visible, depending on the type of jewellery that you choose. All designs are incredibly discreet, so no one would ever know that you are wearing an ashes bracelet or ashes jewellery. We offer secret compartment jewellery that contains the ashes in a hidden compartment.

This compartment is permanently sealed, so the ashes cannot be removed or get damaged. We also offer glass memorial jewellery that contains the ashes within a glass charm. You will have a choice of colours and clear or opaque glass, ensuring complete flexibility in the design.



Our collection of ashes bracelet designs includes thin and delicate bracelets or statement bangles. Our claspless bracelets are welded in place at our studio, so they are designed not to be removed. 

This can provide a lot of comfort and will also remove some of the stress and fear of losing the bracelet. When choosing ashes bracelets for a memorial tribute, it’s important to think about the materials used. You want to be able to wear the jewellery day and night without worrying about it falling apart, breaking or losing the ashes. This is why we only use precious metals for our memorial jewellery. 

Gold, silver and platinum can be worn daily and will not break down if it regularly comes into contact with water or sunlight. Materials like resin cannot offer the same protection.



Our team can help you to design your ideal ashes bracelet, including bangles, claspless designs or even a simple charm for an existing bracelet. Our glass ashes charms are ideal for an existing bracelet. The glass gems are made by heating coloured glass and then rolling the ashes into the molten material. This is then shaped, hardened and polished into a perfect gem.

Ashes gems are suitable for charm bracelets. Only a teaspoon of ashes is needed to create your ashes bracelet. We can either help you to collect the ashes using our at-home kit, or we can arrange for a courier to collect and return the urn if you would rather not handle the ashes. We also welcome individuals to visit our workshop and showroom to watch the process of their loved one’s ashes being turned into a precious piece of jewellery.


Can You Put Human Ashes In Pandora Bracelets?

Pandora does not currently offer an option to add ashes to their jewellery, but many of our ashes jewellery can be customised to fit an existing Pandora bracelet. A Pandora bracelet is an incredibly popular accessory that can easily be added to over the years. It’s common for individuals to receive gifts of charms that they can add to their bracelet. An ashes charm is an excellent way to help an individual manage their grief and feel closer to their lost loved one.We offer two types of ashes charms that will fit on a Pandora branded bracelet, or similar. The first is a glass charm that contains the ashes within the gemstone. We also offer hidden compartment jewellery that has a small compartment with the ashes permanently sealed inside. If you would like to create an ashes charm that fits on a Pandora bracelet, our team would be happy to assist you in designing your ideal piece of jewellery.