We celebrate the skill of the maker. We believe in traditional tools and traditional techniques. Our passion is about our traditional craftsmanship and we are big advocates for our small industry. We believe in making quality products that we know will last the test of time. We don't cut corners. The investment of skill, time, and attention to detail is at the very heart of each piece we create. We make by hand and to order, this ensures that our very highest standards are met with each and every piece.


As master craftsmen we believe in doing things the right way. Age old tried and tested, traditional techniques, may take longer but the results are worth it. We make our gemstones by hand from specialist glass and our team of in-house master jewellers set these by hand using traditional techniques. You won't find resin or glue in our studio as both of these products, which are widely used within the cremation jewellery industry, can cause issues during the life of the product. 


We source all of our materials and packaging from quality British suppliers, except for our specialist art glass which is highly specialist and sourced from America. Our delivery boxes are recycled from local companies where possible and all of our packaging is recyclable. We firmly believe in a healthy planet and doing our best to keep it beautiful and healthy for future generations.


We don't design for seasons or trends and we don't have a calendar that sets out the regularity of how often we design new work. Instead, we focus on ensuring each piece we add to our collection fits with our design aesthetic, is well tested and has robust production processes in the workshop that ensures durability and quality. Creating new work isn’t a fast process and not one we want to rush. We believe that it is a process to be enjoyed and cherished and often where the best design ideas are found.


Making each piece in our workshop is at the very heart of the brand and of great importance to us as people. With our traditional making background, continuing and encouraging the use of these hand skills is of paramount importance to us and sets us apart from the competition. With our expertise in making by hand as well as in-depth knowledge of industrial processes, we’re always pushing ourselves to learn more, develop and grow, not just as master craftsmen but also as people. The ongoing investments we make into the workshop allows us to continue to produce every element in-house, from tooling through to the finished piece.  

Take a peek at where we spend our days. Tour the workshop here.