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Ashes Earrings

Discover our selection of ashes earrings, the perfect tribute to a lost loved one. Putting ashes into earrings is the ideal memorial gift for anyone grieving the loss of a beloved family member. Our expert team of jewellery makers can add hair and ashes into earrings, allowing you to create a beautiful keepsake that will bring comfort and reassurance.



If you’re thinking about turning ashes into earrings, we can help with every stage in the process. From choosing the right design for your needs to collecting the ashes for the jewellery. We know that some people might be uncomfortable about handling the ashes, so you can come visit us for us to do this for you.

If you’re ready to turn a loved one’s ashes into earrings, browse our selection of designs below. Many of these designs are customisable with a choice of precious metals, gemstones, glass colours  and more. Choose between hidden compartment jewellery and glass gemstone jewellery to create a lasting memorial to your loved one.

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Shop online or visit our workshop and showroom to see how we transform ashes into earrings and other pieces of fine jewellery. Seeing the process of turning ashes into jewellery can help you to feel more at ease when sharing a loved one’s ashes. We’re also here to offer advice and support on the right ashes earrings for you.

Memorial jewellery offers the perfect solution to keep the spirit of your loved one close. We can put hair and ashes into earrings to create a memorial for people or pets. Earrings make a touching gift for anyone looking for a tactile memorial that offers comfort in times of need. Our memorial jewellery is intended to be stylish and discreet, with classic and contemporary styles to choose from.

We are confident you will find a design you adore within our collection. All of our earrings are made from precious metals and contain real gemstones or glass gemstones. A dazzling pair of diamond earrings would be perfect for occasion wear, while our glass gemstone earrings would be suitable for everyday wear. Choose from a range of styles and colours to help create the perfect custom memorial piece.
Only a teaspoon of ashes is needed to put ashes into earrings. Any unused ashes will be carefully stored and returned to you once the jewellery is complete. Every member of our team understands the emotional significance of handling a loved one's ashes, so we always treat them with the utmost care and respect. Turning ashes into earrings is a popular choice if you would like to scatter the ashes but keep a small keepsake of your loved one.

This can help individuals to feel more in control of the process and ensure that scattering the ashes is a positive step in the grieving process. If you or someone you care about is struggling with grief, turning the ashes into earrings can provide a great deal of comfort and reassurance during times of need.


How are ashes put into an earring?

The process of putting ashes into earrings all depends on the type of jewellery you choose. You can either select secret compartment jewellery or glass gemstone jewellery. With secret compartment ashes earrings, a special hollow chamber is created in the earring and then filled with ashes. The compartment is permanently sealed, keeping the ashes safe forever. These earrings can then be set with precious gemstones such as lab-grown diamonds, which are more ethical and cost-effective than mined diamonds. With glass gemstone jewellery, the ashes are fused between layers of glass and then shaped into gemstones. These are polished and then set in the earring. When choosing glass gemstone earrings, you will have a choice of gemstone colours to create the perfect pair of custom ashes earrings.

Can hair be used in the earring?

If your loved one or pet is not cremated but you would still like a memorial keepsake, we can also work with clippings of hair. Hair can only be added to hidden compartment jewellery. It is not suitable for glass gemstone jewellery. If you are looking for the perfect memorial keepsake containing the hair of a loved one, we can help you to create the perfect jewellery design for your needs. Only a small amount of hair clippings are needed to create memorial hair earrings.