We Price Match Similar Items

We aim to have the very best pricing available and you won't find our designs on other websites.

If you do find a similar item* that is cheaper, you can request a price match by navigating to the product page of your chosen design on our website, choosing the product options you prefer and clicking the "Seen similar for less? Request price match" link which is under the product price. Then fill in the form in full and click send.

Once we have received the request, we will review it and get back in touch as quickly as possible with a decision.

Price Match detail:

*The item being price matched must be in the same Precious Metal, Materials or Size.
*The item must be listed on a UK website.
*The item must be a memorial piece and include ashes or hair.
*Price matches cannot be requested after the placing of an order or retrospectively against current orders.
*Ashes With Art reserves the right not to approve a price match request or to withdraw a price match request prior to an order being placed.
*The Price Match request is valid for 72 hours.

Our process for placing an approved price matched item is as follows:
1. Request Price Match.
2. Price match approval confirmation is given.
3. Price matched Item must be placed online at full price.
4. Client to respond to price match approval confirmation with order number.
5. Refund of price difference between full price and apprived price match is processed.
6. Refund can take up to 7 working days to arrive back in your bank account.