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Ashes Cufflinks

Ashes cufflinks can bring a lot of comfort in everyday moments and on special occasions. The process of adding ashes to cufflinks is an incredibly skilled process and one that our team of ashes jewellery artists can handle with ease. We are the UK’s leading provider of ashes jewellery and ashes cufflinks are just one of the very popular products that we sell.



We offer a range of cufflinks for human ashes, including hidden compartment jewellery and glass gemstone jewellery. Hidden compartment cufflinks are handcrafted from materials such as silver and gold. The cufflinks are designed with a small compartment that houses the ashes. Once inside, the compartment is permanently sealed, ensuring the ashes are kept safe. Once sealed, the compartment cannot be opened again, so the ashes cannot be damaged by water.
Glass gemstone cufflinks contain small glass gems that contain the ashes of your loved one. These gemstones are handcrafted in our workshop using tried and tested methods unique to our company. The glass is cut and the ashes are placed between the 2 pieces of glass. We use coloured glass on the bottom and clear glass on the top allowing the ashes to be clearly seen which adds to the beauty of the gemstone. The glass is then heated and fused together which encapsulates the ashes. The glass is then shaped, before being hardened and then polished. The finished piece can then be added your cufflinks.



You’ll have a choice of gemstone colours and can also choose between clear and opaque glass. Both options will allow you to clearly see the ashes in the gemstones.

All of our ashes jewellery and cufflinks are incredibly discreet, so no one will know you are wearing the ashes of a loved one. Only you will ever need to know the sentimental value of your cufflinks, which can bring a lot of comfort during life’s more difficult moments. Ashes cufflinks make a touching gift for an individual’s wedding day or graduation.

We can help you to select the design for your cufflinks and customise it to your exact specifications. For example, you might choose to add a personalised inscription on the compartment that holds the ashes. If you are nervous about handling the ashes or don’t want to send them in the post, we can arrange a courier service to collect them. You are also welcome to visit our workshop and studio to drop off your ashes and see how your ashes cufflinks are made.



Adding ashes to cufflinks can be achieved in a number of different ways. Some materials, such as resin, are completely unsuitable for memorial jewellery as they are not long-lasting or capable of withstanding long-term wear. We only use materials like gold, silver, platinum, glass, or precious gemstones for our memorial ashes cufflinks. 

This type of memorial jewellery can bring a lot of comfort on special days such as your wedding day or for a job interview. It can help you to feel like your loved ones are still there on special occasions. This is why ashes cufflinks are such an enduringly popular gift for those grieving the loss of a loved one. 


Can you put ashes into cufflinks?

Yes, it is possible to put ashes in cufflinks. There are a few different ways to achieve this that we would recommend. The first is with hidden compartment cufflinks. These are custom made from precious metals and a small hollow compartment is left open in the centre. The ashes are added to the compartment and then it is permanently sealed. You can then add an engraved symbol or initials to the compartment. Another way to add ashes to cufflinks is with glass gemstones. We create glass gemstones by melting coloured glass and then rolling the ashes into the molten material. This is shaped, hardened and then polished to perfection. Two matching gemstones are added to precious metal cufflinks to create the perfect memorial piece. We do not recommend using resin to create memorial cufflinks as this material will not stand up to environmental pressures including water and sunlight. The resin material will start to break down and this can lead to the loss of the ashes, which can be incredibly distressing.

How are ashes added into cufflinks?

The ashes are not combined with the actual precious metals when creating ashes cufflinks. Instead, they can be added to a hidden compartment, or they can be added to a glass gemstone. This is the best way to preserve the ashes and ensure they are kept safe. If you want to be able to wear your cufflinks for a lifetime, you should always choose materials that will not suffer from wear and tear. Secret compartment cufflinks are incredibly popular as they look incredibly discreet, so no one will ever know the sentimental value of the cufflinks except for the owner. Gemstone cufflinks are ideal if you want to bring some statement colour into your outfit. You can choose between clear and opaque glass.