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Memorial Ashes Rings

Ashes With Art creates beautiful bespoke memorial jewellery. Our rings for cremation ashes and hair provide a lasting keepsake to remember a loved one and always keep them close to hand.



Choosing a memorial ring for ashes is a deeply personal choice. We will work with you during this difficult time to create the ideal tribute to your loved one. Our extensive collection of unique designs are exclusive to our design studio. Every piece is handcrafted with care and devotion, before being carefully packaged and delivered to you. Our team appreciates the importance of creating memorial rings for ashes that will be cherished for a lifetime. We offer memorial rings for ashes in a few different styles. Our secrets collection contains a small hidden compartment in the ring that contains the ashes. After hallmarking, the ashes are added to the compartment and it is permanently sealed. We can then engrave the compartment with a special symbol. Many of our rings can also be engraved with a special message. The final step in creating our memorial rings for ashes is to set the diamond or other precious stone. Using your loved one’s birthstone is a popular choice.



Another method for adding ashes to a memorial ring is with a glass gemstone. The glass is shaped with the ashes inside before being hardened and polished. The entire process takes around three days to complete. Once we have the finished gemstone, we can place this on a ring setting in silver, gold or platinum. We can also engrave all rings for ashes with a special message. You will have a choice of colours for your gemstone, allowing you to create the ideal memorial ring.

Handling your loved one’s ashes can be difficult, so we make this process as simple as possible for you. We can provide an order pack which contains everything you need to collect the ashes and send them to us in a Freepost returns envelope. We only need a teaspoon of ashes to make your memorial jewellery. 



Our dedicated team of craftspeople work with the finest materials and handcraft every piece in our workshop. Choose from precious metals including silver, gold and platinum. You can then finish the piece with precious gemstones, including diamonds. Or select a glass memorial gemstone with the ashes of your loved one contained inside. Our collection of memorial rings for cremation ashes includes:

- Diamond & Precious Gemstone Rings
- Signet Rings
- Glass Gemstone Rings
- Charm Rings

All of these and more can be found above. If you can't find what you are looking for, ask us about a custom design.


How much ash is required for a ring?

Not a lot of ash is needed to make cremation rings for ashes. In general, around one teaspoon of ashes is needed to create your memorial ring. You can send the ashes to us in specialist packaging, or you can visit us with the urn. This is ideal if you don’t want to handle your loved ones' ashes. We will take the ashes we need and then return it to you with any remaining ashes that weren’t used in the jewelry. We treat all ashes with the utmost respect to give you peace of mind while the ashes are in our care. We keep track of the ashes and then return any unused ashes once your memorial rings for ashes are completed.

Can you put ashes in a ring?

Yes, it is possible to put ashes into a ring to keep a loved one close to you at all times. We offer a few different methods to add ashes to a ring. The first method is to add the ashes to a glass gem and then set this into a ring setting. The glass may be clear or opaque, and the ashes would be visible within the gemstone. Another method is to add the ashes to a hidden compartment within a piece of jewelry. The jewelry is hand-made from precious metals with a small compartment under the ring setting. We can also engrave the compartment with a special symbol. Once the ashes are added, the ring is permanently sealed and a diamond or other precious stone may be added to the setting. Memorial rings for ashes are incredibly discreet, so no one would ever know you are wearing a loved one's ashes.

How much does it cost to turn ashes into a ring?

The price of cremation rings for ashes depends on the materials chosen. Our cremation jewelry starts at £155 for a charm memorial ring, up to £2,830 for a diamond ring with ashes. All of our jewelry is made from precious metals, including silver, gold and platinum. Silver is the cheapest option and platinum is the most expensive option. The ashes are added to a glass gemstone or into a hidden compartment, they are not added to the precious metal. We can create rings for ashes in line with any budget

How do I turn my ashes into a ring?

The ashes are not turned into a ring, instead, they are added to a glass gemstone or included in a small hidden compartment within the jewelry. When designing your cremation jewelry rings for ashes, consider if you want to create a family heirloom or a simple memorial piece of jewelry. If you are hoping to create a lasting memorial and family heirloom, it makes sense to include a diamond in the piece. The diamond is not made from ashes, so it will retain its value better than a diamond made from ashes. Glass gem jewelry is also an excellent option for creating a memorial piece. It is more suitable for memorial rings than a material such as resin. Resin is a plastic that will break down over time.

What's the difference between memorial rings, cremation rings, mourning rings, bereavement rings, and rings with ashes?

These are all different words to describe the same piece of jewelry. If a piece of jewelry contains the ashes of a loved one, it is often referred to as a cremation ring for ashes. Sometimes a mourning ring or bereavement ring simply refers to a ring that is worn to replace a wedding band while in mourning. It doesn't always contain the ashes of a loved one. This may be the only option if a loved one is buried rather than cremated. Only cremation jewelry rings for ashes contain a compartment for ashes or a glass gemstone with ashes.

How do we make rings from ashes?

We have a few different options for creating memorial rings for ashes. The first method involves adding the ashes to a glass gemstone. Our skilled artists create a stone that contains cremation ashes and then spend three days shaping, hardening and then polishing the gemstone so it can be placed in a ring setting. The second method involves creating the ring from precious metal such as silver, gold or platinum. We hand make every piece with a custom hidden compartment in each piece. After hallmarking, the ashes are added to the jewelry and then the compartment is permanently sealed. We can then engrave the compartment with a special symbol. For diamond rings, we would then place the chosen stone in the setting to complete the piece. We can also add the ashes to a charm that can be attached to a ring. All of our cremation rings for ashes are handmade with special care and attention in our workshop in Worthing.