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We create beautiful memorial jewellery using your loved one's Cremation Ashes. Our skilled craftspeople create stunning jewelry pieces that contain the ashes or hair of beloved family members.

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Our Pet Ashes Range

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Our cremation ashes into jewellery is made with great care and devotion, ensuring the ashes are respected and treasured throughout every step of the process. We recognise that handing over the ashes can be a daunting experience. We only need a teaspoon of ashes to create your ashes jewellery, and all remaining cremation ashes will be returned to you.

Select from a wide range of ashes jewellery, including:

- Pendants
- Bracelets
- Rings
- Cufflinks
- Necklaces
- Glass Gem Jewellery
- Diamond Jewellery
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We offer a few different styles of ashes jewellery, ensuring that you can find something that matches your personal style and preferences. Our Secrets Collection features pendants, rings, cufflinks and bracelets that have a secret hidden compartment. After hallmarking your precious metal jewellery, the ashes are sealed in the compartment permanently.

We can then finish the piece with gems, including diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. 

Another beautiful choice for cremation ashes jewellery is glass gems containing the ashes of your loved one. We can create transparent or opaque gemstones in various colours with the ashes contained within the glass. The ashes appear suspended in the glass, offering a beautiful reminder of your loved one.


Glass gemstones can be included in pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and charm beads. Unlike some of our competitors, we use glass to hold the ashes rather than resin. Resin is a plastic that will break down over time, which means it isn’t suitable for memorial ashes jewellery.


Handing over a loved one’s ashes can be very scary, which is why we will put you at ease every step of the way. Everyone in our studio knows what it is like to lose a cherished family member or friend. We treat all cremation ashes as if they are someone we know personally. This includes careful labelling and handling when the ashes are in our care. We only require a small amount of ashes to produce our jewellery, and the rest are returned to you.



You are also welcome to visit the studio to see the ashes being added to the jewellery. We know many customers have a fear that the ashes may be mixed up or left out. So we’re happy to ease your worries in any way we can.

Your jewellery is suitable for ashes or hair from one or more loved ones, either people or pets. We offer a special collection of pet ashes jewellery with features such as paw print engraving to make it extra special.



How does cremation jewellery work?
We offer two types of cremation jewellery. The jewellery will either have a secret compartment that holds the ashes or hair and is permanently sealed. Or the ashes will be contained within a glass gem. We only require a small amount of ashes to create the jewellery. Just a teaspoon is all that is needed to create your memorial jewellery. We treat all ashes held in our care with the utmost respect. Any unused ashes will be returned to you with your jewellery. We also offer an urn collection and return service if you don’t feel comfortable collecting the ashes.
How Much Does It Cost To Make Memorial Jewellery From Ashes?
The final cost of the piece will all depend on the materials used and the unique finishes. For example, our most expensive pieces are crafted from platinum and contain real diamonds. However, we also offer discreet pieces that are suitable for a smaller budget. These are made from sterling silver and contain no gems. All of our jewellery is hand-made in our workshop by skilled and sympathetic craftspeople. We understand the emotional significance of each piece of jewelry we create and work hard to ensure every piece is finished to the highest possible standards. Some pieces are also suitable for engraving, and this may be included for free or offered as an additional extra. To give you an idea of the range of prices, our lowest cost pieces are under £100, and our most expensive piece will cost over £15,000. Choosing a diamond memorial piece is far more cost-effective than choosing to have the ashes turned into a diamond. The process of turning ashes into a diamond is very costly, and the piece will not retain the value like one of our diamond pieces. The cost of producing a diamond from ashes far outweighs the final value.
What is Cremation Ashes Jewellery?
Cremation ashes jewellery is jewellery that contains the ashes of a loved one. There are many ways to add ashes to jewellery. We offer jewellery with hidden and sealed compartments to store your loved one’s ashes. We can also add ashes to glass gemstones in a range of colours. Your choice of cremation jewellery is personal and unique to you, and we will do everything we can to help guide you on this journey. Choose between stunning diamond jewellery that will become a treasured family heirloom or select sleek and modern pieces that offer discretion and style.
How Much Does It Cost To Make Diamonds From Ashes?
Creating diamonds from ashes is incredibly expensive, and the finished result does not retain the value. While it is certainly possible to recreate the conditions that produce a diamond, the results are not always as impressive as other lab-made diamonds. In addition, these diamonds tend to have a yellow hue which will be more pronounced when set in silver or platinum. At the end of the costly process, you will have a man-made diamond that is not as valuable as the cost of producing it. So instead of spending a lot on a diamond made from ashes, we recommend exploring our diamond secrets collection. We create beautiful memorial jewellery from precious metals and then create a secret hidden compartment that will store your loved one’s ashes or hair. The compartment is permanently sealed and engraved with a chamber market. We then hand-set the diamond. This creates the perfect diamond family heirloom that can be passed down through generations, safe in the knowledge that the jewelry will retain its value. Our diamond cremation jewellery can also be set with precious gems such as emeralds, sapphires or rubies. This makes it the ideal choice for memorial engagement jewellery that offers something a little more unique.
What Jewellery Can You Make With Ashes?
Our secret compartment jewellery is ideal for various styles, including rings, bracelets, pendants and cufflinks. We also offer glass gem jewelry that can include pendants, rings, charms and cufflinks. Choosing the right ashes memorial jewellery for you is a deeply personal journey, but we will be here to guide your choice and help you find the correct item to memorialise your loved one. Whether you are looking for a stunning diamond piece that will become a treasured family heirloom or a discreet memorial piece that only you will ever need to know about, we can help you choose the perfect beautiful jewellery for your loved ones ashes or hair.