60 Inscription Ideas for Jewellery

Jewellery has long been cherished as more than just decorative pieces. It's a way to express love, sentiment, and personality. One timeless and heartfelt way to infuse jewellery with deeper meaning is by adding inscriptions. These tiny, often hidden, messages can turn a simple piece of jewellery into a cherished keepsake that lasts a lifetime. They can also transform simple pieces into a cherished family heirloom that is passed down between the generations. 

Why add an inscription to your jewellery?

Why add an inscription to your jewellery?

Jewellery is already a deeply personal gift, but you can make it even more special by adding a simple inscription. This elevates the piece of jewellery from being something that is “off the shelf” to being completely unique. It can express your love, admiration and support for another person, and they can wear it every day to be reminded of how much you care. 

You can also get your own jewellery inscribed for yourself. This could be a great way to remind yourself of your own strength or remember a significant date. It’s also a popular form of memorial, particularly when paired with memorial jewellery containing the ashes of a loved one.

Not convinced that jewellery inscription is right for you? These are just some of the reasons you might consider adding an inscription to a piece of jewellery:

The Personal Touch

Inscriptions on jewellery offer a deeply personal touch. Whether you're buying a gift for a loved one or treating yourself, an engraved message can make the piece feel uniquely yours. It's a chance to convey emotions, sentiments, or special memories that words alone may not fully capture.

Love and Sentiment

One of the most popular reasons for adding inscriptions to jewellery is to express love and affection. Messages like "Forever in my heart" or "You are my sunshine" turn a piece of jewellery into a constant reminder of a special bond. These words can be exchanged between partners, parents and children, or close friends, making the jewellery a symbol of the love that ties them together.

Milestones and Achievements

Jewellery often marks significant milestones in life, such as weddings, graduations, or anniversaries. Inscriptions commemorate these moments in a meaningful way. A date, a name, or a short message can transform a simple ring into a reminder of the day your life changed forever.

Inspiration and Motivation

Jewellery can also serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. Engraved with powerful words like "Fearless," "Believe in yourself," or "Dream big," these pieces become more than accessories; they become reminders of your aspirations and strength. The piece of jewellery can become a source of support and inspiration, helping individuals through tough situations.

Preserving Memories

Inscriptions aren't limited to words alone. They can include symbols, coordinates, or even a fingerprint. A piece of jewellery with a loved one's fingerprint, for instance, creates an irreplaceable connection and serves as a touching way to preserve a memory.

The Art of Surprise

Sometimes, the most beautiful inscriptions are those that catch the wearer by surprise. Imagine receiving a locket with a secret message inside, known only to you. These hidden inscriptions add an element of mystery and intimacy to the jewellery, making it all the more precious. Imagine if they find the message years from now, having had no idea it was there all along.

A Lasting Legacy

One of the remarkable aspects of inscribed jewellery is its longevity. Unlike a card or a letter, which may fade or be lost over time, an inscription on jewellery can endure for generations. It becomes a part of your family's history, a treasure passed down to tell stories of love, resilience, and cherished memories.

Which pieces of jewellery are best for inscriptions?

Jewellery inscriptions can be added to a variety of pieces, but some are better suited than others due to their size, shape, and the ease of inscribing them. These are some jewellery pieces that are commonly chosen for inscriptions:

  • Rings: Rings are perhaps the most popular choice for inscriptions. They offer a flat, visible surface on the inside or outside of the band, making it easy to include meaningful words, names, or dates. Engagement rings, wedding bands, and promise rings are often inscribed with romantic messages.

  • Lockets: Lockets are perfect for keeping a message or a small photo close to the heart. They often have ample space on the inside for inscriptions that are hidden when the locket is closed.

  • Bracelets: Bracelets can be inscribed on the inside or outside of the band, clasp, or even on a charm attached to the bracelet. Bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, and charm bracelets are popular choices for inscriptions.

  • Necklaces: Necklaces offer various opportunities for inscriptions, especially those with pendant-style designs. The back of a pendant or locket, as well as the chain itself, can be inscribed.

  • Watches: While watches are functional, they can also be highly personalised with inscriptions on the back of the case or the inside of the band. This adds a special touch to a timepiece that may be passed down through generations.

  • Cufflinks: For men's accessories, cufflinks are a great option for inscriptions. They often have a flat surface that can be engraved with initials, a special date, or a short message.

  • Pendants: In addition to lockets, other pendant-style necklaces, such as heart-shaped pendants or engraved discs, can be inscribed with meaningful messages or names.

When choosing a piece of jewellery for inscriptions, consider the space available, the design, and the intended message or purpose. Remember that the size and font of the inscription will also depend on the size of the jewellery piece, so it's essential to discuss your preferences with a jeweller to ensure the best result.

Things to consider before adding an inscription

If you are giving someone a piece of jewellery, you might be given the option to add a personalised message. Think carefully before you add an inscription. Remember that this is forever, so you want to be considered in your approach. Keep the following factors in mind before you add an inscription to your jewellery.

  • The message needs to be short. Some items of jewellery will only have enough space for a few letters, like initials. This is common for items like rings and small pendants.

  • The message is forever. If the piece of jewellery is a family heirloom that you have adapted or updated, you might not want to inscribe the jewellery.

  • Adding an inscription will make it difficult to return the piece of jewellery. If you’re not sure if it will fit, this could be an issue. Check before you purchase what the returns and resizing policy is to make sure you don’t get caught out.


60 inscription ideas for jewellery

Inscriptions on jewellery can be a beautiful way to add sentiment and meaning to a piece. Here are 60 inscription ideas for jewellery. Adapt these to your own needs by borrowing these phrases and adapting them to your own needs.

  1. "Forever in my heart."

  2. "Love you to the moon and back."

  3. "Eternal love."

  4. "My one and only."

  5. "Together forever."

  6. "You are my sunshine."

  7. "Soulmates."

  8. "Always by your side."

  9. "Infinite love."

  10. "Believe in yourself."

  11. "Live, love, laugh."

  12. "Dream big."

  13. "Family first."

  14. "Follow your heart."

  15. "Carpe Diem" (Seize the day)

  16. "Fearless."

  17. "Never give up."

  18. "Keep shining."

  19. "Love conquers all."

  20. "I am enough."

  21. "Strength and courage."

  22. "Cherish the moments."

  23. "You are my rock."

  24. "Wanderlust."

  25. "Free spirit."

  26. "Faith, hope, love."

  27. "Embrace the journey."

  28. "Create your own path."

  29. "Balance and harmony."

  30. "Breathe deeply."

  31. "Find your bliss."

  32. "Gratitude."

  33. "Happiness is a choice."

  34. "Love is the answer."

  35. "Let go and let be."

  36. "Radiate positivity."

  37. "Live in the moment."

  38. "Be fearless, not careless."

  39. "Be the change."

  40. "You are a star."

  41. "Music of the heart."

  42. "Dance like nobody's watching."

  43. "Inhale love, exhale gratitude."

  44. "Peace begins with a smile."

  45. "Inner peace."

  46. "Carry me in your heart."

  47. "Find joy in the journey."

  48. "You are my greatest adventure."

  49. "Love never fails."

  50. "Your love is my anchor."

  51. "This too shall pass."

  52. "I am enough just as I am."

  53. "Love, laugh, live."

  54. "Unbreakable bond."

  55. "Love without limits."

  56. "Adventure awaits."

  57. "You are my sunshine on a rainy day."

  58. "The best is yet to come."

  59. "With love and gratitude."

  60. "To the moon and back, always."

Should you add an inscription to your wedding bands?

It’s becoming increasingly popular to add an inscription to your wedding bands as a secret message to be read on the day. You could also add something as simple as your initials and your wedding date. This will make your wedding bands more unique and personalised for you and your partner. 

Closing thoughts

In conclusion, adding inscriptions to jewellery is a beautiful art form that transforms a simple accessory into a meaningful keepsake. Whether you're expressing love, celebrating a milestone, seeking inspiration, or simply preserving a memory, inscriptions on jewellery allow you to wear your heart on your sleeve, or in this case, on your finger, wrist, or neck. It's a way to make jewellery not just beautiful but deeply personal and profoundly sentimental.