Pet Ashes Jewellery Made In The UK

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Pet Memorial Jewellery


We offer a number of options to turn your dog’s ashes into a touching memorial piece. A pet ashes necklace is the ideal choice for a pet owner who wants to keep their pet close by. We can also create a pet ashes ring. Our pet memorial jewellery does not contain the ashes within the precious metal, as this would threaten the integrity of the piece. Instead, we include the ashes in a small hidden compartment. This compartment is permanently sealed and then marked with a special symbol. We can also create glass gemstones with your pet’s ashes, which are more stable than resin.

Yes, it is possible to add your dog’s ashes to a necklace in one of two ways. The first method involves our hand-crafted precious metal jewellery with a unique hidden compartment. After hallmarking, we place the ashes in the compartment and permanently seal it. We can then mark the compartment with a special symbol for your pet like a paw print. Our pet ashes necklace collection with hidden compartments includes dog tags, pendants and charms. We can also add your dog’s ashes to a glass gemstone. Once we have shaped, hardened and polished the glass, we can then set this unique gemstone in a pendant setting.

Absolutely, it is possible to add your dog or cat ashes to a ring. Our pet ashes rings include the secrets collection, which has a secret hidden compartment designed within the ring. After hallmarking the precious metal jewellery, we would add the dog or cat ashes and then permanently seal the compartment. We can mark the compartment with a symbol such as a paw. We can also add pet ashes to a ring by creating a glass gemstone. Our pet ashes gemstones take three days to shape, harden and then polish. The result is a stunning clear glass gemstone that may be added to a ring setting.

Turning your pet’s ashes into a diamond is prohibitively expensive and does not retain its value. Diamonds made from ashes also tend to have a yellow tint, which impacts their value. At the end of the day, you pay a lot more for a lab-made diamond created from ashes than you would for any other lab-made diamond. This means the diamond could never retain its value. A far better choice for a pet ashes ring is to include the ashes in a secret hidden compartment within the ring. Our team has developed a unique method of encasing the ashes in a secret hidden compartment which is marked with a special symbol. We can then place a diamond in the setting to create an heirloom-quality piece of jewellery that will retain its value.