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Pet Fur Keepsake & Memorial Jewellery

Cats and dogs are more than just pets; they're part of the family. When they pass away, it's natural to want to keep a part of them close. That's where pet fur memorials come in. Pet fur memorials are precious metal jewellery that contains a hidden compartment for pet fur. It's the perfect memorial gift. The fur can be used to make a Pandora charm, locket, bracelet, ring, earrings, necklace or more.



We understand how much your fur baby meant to you. That's why we offer a wide range of pet fur keepsakes to help you keep their memory alive. Our fur charms are compatible with Pandora bracelets, making them the perfect way to commemorate your fur baby. We also offer necklaces, rings, earrings and more. We'll help you choose the right memorial keepsake that will help you to feel closer to your pet. If you're interested in learning more about our pet fur memorials, we'd be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us today and let us help you create the perfect fur keepsake. You're welcome to visit our studio and workshop to see how we turn your beloved pet's hair into a fur keepsake.



Before you lay your pet to rest, it's common to take a clipping of fur and a nose or paw print to remember them. You might be wondering what to do with a dog or cat's fur, and a keepsake jewellery piece is an ideal choice. We can help you to keep your dog or cat's fur safe forever by placing it in a piece of jewellery. The fur is kept safe in a hidden compartment, so you don't have to worry about losing it. Jewellery is very tactile and discreet, so you'll have the comfort of knowing your pet's spirit is always with you. We can then engrave your dog fur memorial or cat fur memorial with a special message or a simple paw print. This is a beautiful way to keep your fur baby close to your heart. Our fur memorials come in a variety of styles, including bracelets, necklaces, and keychains. Each piece is made with high-quality materials and is built to last.


Can I turn pet fur into jewellery?

Yes. We use pet fur and hair in many of our jewellery pieces. Our expert jewellers use a specialist process to do this. We create a secret chamber within the metal of your piece and place the fur inside. This is then permanently sealed using a laser welder, keeping the fur safe.

Does it matter which animal my pet fur has come from to make my jewellery?

No, we understand that many kinds of critters become part of our families and choosing pet memorial jewellery for fur is popular for all sorts of pets, not just cats and dogs. We have also created stunning pieces using feathers, shed scales, and horsehair, so if you are unsure, just give us a call and have a chat with a member of our team.

Can you make me a ring with both cat and dog fur?

We can do this. We can place fur from different pets within the same piece, as well as using a combination of ashes and fur if you wish.

Is it possible to make a piece of real diamond jewellery with my pet fur?

Our refined process of creating Pet Fur Memorial Diamond Jewellery means you will have a real diamond and a piece with your pet’s fur within it. However, we have developed our own specialist process to do this, instead of making a lab-grown diamond from the fur itself. Unfortunately, diamonds made directly from fur are very expensive and we cannot see much evidence that the fur itself is in the diamond. By placing the fur into a Secret Chamber within the metal of the piece, and setting your real, certified diamond above this, we can guarantee you have a piece of real diamond jewellery that also has your pet’s fur within it.