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Cremation Ashes Keepsakes

A cremation ashes keepsake is any item that contains the ashes of a loved one. It could be a piece of jewellery, an ornament or a glass pebble. The idea behind creating cremation ashes keepsakes is to provide some comfort to those who have lost a loved one. We offer a wide range of ashes keepsakes to suit all styles and tastes. These keepsakes can help to bring a great deal of comfort to those dealing with loss.



We create cremation ashes keepsakes for both human and animal remains. We can also create keepsakes with hair if the ashes are not available. These keepsakes are commonly purchased to help someone deal with their grief. The process of designing and creating a lasting tribute to a loved one can be very therapeutic.
It is also a very common gift idea to help individuals process their grief. Our selection of cremation ashes keepsakes includes hidden compartment keepsakes, glass gemstone keepsakes and glass art keepsakes. A hidden compartment memorial piece is made from precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum. The ashes are contained and permanently sealed within a hidden compartment. The keepsake can then be engraved with a special message.



With cremation ashes keepsakes made from glass, we can create custom pebbles or decorations that contain the ashes within the piece. The ashes are placed between two pieces of glass that are melted. This is then shaped, hardened, polished and engraved. This is a popular choice for creating Christmas tree ornaments to help individuals deal with grief during the holiday period. And finally, glass art is another common choice for those looking for a way to appropriately memorialise a loved one.
Our rainbow bridge art memorial is a small piece of glass art that contains the ashes or hair of a loved one. This bright and beautiful tribute is the ideal choice to help bring some brightness to life while coping with death. Our team of artists are here to help you select a fitting memorial for your loved one. Our unique designs are handcrafted and bespoke to every customer, so you can be confident you’re getting something that is a fitting tribute.



Our glass artists and jewellers are highly skilled at creating memorial keepsakes and are also highly respectful when handling your loved one’s remains. We all know the pain of loss, and treat all ashes as if they were the ashes of our own loved ones. We only use a teaspoon of ashes to create most pieces of memorial jewellery and keepsakes.

If you are uncomfortable handling the ashes, you can visit our studio for us to do so for you. We also offer a simple postage service to allow you to send the ashes to our workshop. And finally, you are also welcome to visit the workshop to see your design come to life. This can be a very helpful step in the grieving process and a welcome distraction.


Is it OK to divide cremation ashes?

Yes, there is no reason that ashes need to be kept together. Some people think there may be religious reasons for keeping the ashes together, but if your religion permits cremation then there should be no objections to splitting the ashes. Splitting the ashes can be beneficial, particularly if you and other family members cannot agree on what to do with the ashes. You might choose to scatter some, keep some and then add some to a memorial keepsake. Another common reason for splitting the ashes is that individuals may struggle to let go of all of the ashes at once. If the thought of scattering all of the ashes feels too final, then adding some to a memorial keepsake could help you to process your grief. You can scatter most of the ashes, but you will always have your memorial jewellery or keepsake close to hand when you need a little extra comfort.

Why choose a cremation ashes keepsake?

A cremation ashes keepsake is an excellent way to memorialise a loved one. It can help you to feel close to a loved one, long after they have passed. In the early stages of grief, you might feel that you need to keep the cremation ashes close at all times for comfort. As you grow around your grief, you might find that you are reaching for it less and less. Over time, it might not always be in your mind, but you’ll always be able to turn to it when you need to take a trip down memory lane. A cremation ashes keepsake is also a popular choice for those who choose to scatter the ashes. This can be incredibly distressing for those who don’t want to let go. With a cremation ashes keepsake, you can hold on to a small part of the ashes.