Ashes into Keepsakes

A cremation ashes keepsake is any item that contains the ashes of a loved one. It could be a piece of jewellery, an ornament or a glass pebble. The idea behind creating cremation ashes keepsakes is to provide some comfort to those who have lost a loved one. We offer a wide range of ashes keepsakes to suit all styles and tastes. These keepsakes can help to bring a great deal of comfort to those dealing with loss.

Our most frequently asked questions

Yes, there is no reason that ashes need to be kept together. Some people think there may be religious reasons for keeping the ashes together, but if your religion permits cremation then there should be no objections to splitting the ashes. Splitting the ashes can be beneficial, particularly if you and other family members cannot agree on what to do with the ashes. You might choose to scatter some, keep some and then add some to a memorial keepsake. Another common reason for splitting the ashes is that individuals may struggle to let go of all of the ashes at once. If the thought of scattering all of the ashes feels too final, then adding some to a memorial keepsake could help you to process your grief. You can scatter most of the ashes, but you will always have your memorial jewellery or keepsake close to hand when you need a little extra comfort.