Charms for Ashes

Charms containing the ashes of a loved one can bring a lot of comfort to those experiencing grief. You don’t have to create a brand new piece of jewellery when designing your ashes jewellery, sometimes it’s best to create something that can be added to an existing piece of jewellery.

Our most frequently asked questions

Pandora bracelets are an incredibly popular accessory. If you already have a Pandora bracelet, you might be wondering if there are charms available that can contain the ashes of a loved one. While Pandora might not offer this service, we can help to create an ashes charm that will fit an existing Pandora bracelet. We have glass ashes charms that will fit perfectly on a Pandora bracelet. So while this might not be an official Pandora product, it will fit seamlessly with your existing charms. You can choose between clear and opaque glass charms in a range of different colours to suit your style. We also have secret compartment jewellery in a range of designs that will fit on a Pandora bracelet. Secret compartment jewellery is made from precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum. The ashes are added to a small compartment and then permanently sealed in place. This keeps the ashes safe and secure.