Ashes Into Earrings

Discover our selection of ashes earrings, the perfect tribute to a lost loved one. Putting ashes into earrings is the ideal memorial gift for anyone grieving the loss of a beloved family member. Our expert team of jewellery makers can add hair and ashes into earrings, allowing you to create a beautiful keepsake that will bring comfort and reassurance.

Our most frequently asked questions

The process of putting ashes into earrings all depends on the type of jewellery you choose. You can either select secret compartment jewellery or glass gemstone jewellery. With secret compartment ashes earrings, a special hollow chamber is created in the earring and then filled with ashes. The compartment is permanently sealed, keeping the ashes safe forever. These earrings can then be set with precious gemstones such as lab-grown diamonds, which are more ethical and cost-effective than mined diamonds. With glass gemstone jewellery, the ashes are fused between layers of glass and then shaped into gemstones. These are polished and then set in the earring. When choosing glass gemstone earrings, you will have a choice of gemstone colours to create the perfect pair of custom ashes earrings.