8 Unique Ways To Use Cremation Jewellery For Ashes

When we lose someone close to us, it can be difficult to find closure. It’s often helpful to find a way to stay connected with the person, even long after they are gone. Custom made cremation jewellery can help you to achieve this.

Bespoke cremation jewellery for ashes is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep the spirit of their loved one close by. It is compact, discreet, and understated. Only you will ever need to know that you are wearing ashes jewellery.

If you’re thinking about adding a loved one’s ashes to a piece of jewellery, read on to learn eight unique ways to add ashes to jewellery.

What is cremation jewellery?

Cremation jewellery is simply jewellery that contains the ashes or hair of a loved one. It may also be referred to as ashes jewellery or memorial jewellery. It often contains a hidden compartment that is permanently sealed, keeping the ashes or hair safe. 

It could also be made from glass or resin gemstones that contain small fragments of the ashes. However, it’s worth noting that resin jewellery isn’t ideal as it will break down over time. Instead, you should look for long-lasting materials like precious metals and glass to help protect your loved one’s remains. A piece of memorial jewellery should last a lifetime.

The most common types of memorial jewellery include rings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, bangles, charms and earrings. You can further personalise cremation jewellery by adding an engraving or inscription.


History of cremation jewellery

While it is enjoying a surge in popularity, cremation jewellery is not a new concept. It has been hugely popular throughout history, with many people choosing to wear locks of hair from their loved ones. 

Queen Victoria famously wore a lock of Prince Albert’s hair in a necklace following his death. In the Victorian era, it was more common to have a photo taken with the deceased, but death photos were gradually replaced by memorial jewellery. 

The very first pieces of cremation jewellery can be traced back to the beginning of man. Everything from skin, hair, nails and even blood has been found in keepsake jewellery. Today, cremation ashes and hair are more commonly added to jewellery.

Unique cremation jewellery ideas

If you’re looking for unique ideas for your cremation jewellery, we have a few suggestions. Remember that there are endless possibilities when it comes to cremation jewellery, so you should have no problem finding something that works for you. From traditional to contemporary styles, you should have no trouble finding a piece of jewellery to suit your taste.

Engagement ring

While you can have ashes turned into a diamond, this is a very expensive way to create an inferior diamond. Instead, we recommend adding ashes to the hidden compartment in a solitaire diamond ring. This is the ideal choice for an engagement ring that is loaded with sentimental value. A ring like this will also become a treasured family heirloom, allowing you to pass it down through your family for generations to come.

Cufflinks or earrings for your wedding day

If you’re looking for a special way to include a loved one on your wedding day, you could have their ashes added to a special pair of earrings or cufflinks. This is an ideal choice for couples who have recently lost a parent or grandparent. This type of jewellery will quickly become a firm favourite for formal wear.

Ashes charms

Charms are flexible, versatile and discreet. There are so many different types of charms available that you’ll be spoiled for choice. You could choose a ring charm that is compatible with popular charm bracelet styles like Pandora, or a clip charm that would fit a branded charm bracelet like Thomas Sabo. Charms are also an excellent choice for children to give them something special to hold on to.

Permanent bracelet

If you never want to be parted from your cremation jewellery, you might think about a permanent bracelet. Instead of a clasp that allows you to remove it, the final link is soldered in place while you are wearing the jewellery. This makes it a permanent piece of jewellery that you will need to cut to remove. If you are worried about losing your jewellery, a permanent bracelet is a perfect choice.

Glass gemstones

Alongside hidden compartment jewellery, you could also choose glass gemstone jewellery. This will have the ashes suspended in a piece of glass, which can be transparent or opaque. This is a visually stunning piece of jewellery and perfect for those who want to inject a little bit of colour and brightness into their day to day life. Gemstones can be created in a wide range of colours to suit your mood and personality.Contemporary pendants

Some cremation jewellery looks incredibly sleek and chic, you would never guess that it contains a hidden compartment. Contemporary pendants are the perfect choice for those looking for a modern look that isn’t entirely obvious to those around them. This will allow you to wear the piece of jewellery every day, making it a part of your usual routine.

Engraved signet ring

A signet ring is a perfect choice for a man or woman who wants to make a statement with a bold piece of jewellery. An engraved signet ring is an incredibly touching tribute that will bring comfort to those who have lost a loved one. It can be worn as a wedding band, or as a simple everyday ring. And adding personalised engraving will make it even more special for the wearer.

Pet ashes jewellery

You aren’t limited to human ashes and hair when it comes to memorial jewellery. Your pets can also be memorialised through jewellery. Pet cremation jewellery is incredibly popular as you can use ashes or hair, making it incredibly versatile. If you struggle to say goodbye to a beloved pet, then a piece of jewellery containing their ashes or hair could offer a great deal of comfort as you grieve.