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Bereavement Gifts

Losing a loved one is incredibly painful, but the right bereavement gifts can help with the grieving process and allow an individual to move forward with strength. We offer a wide selection of bereavement gifts that our UK customers adore. These memorial gifts will help individuals to heal and find closure after the death of a loved one. 



Our UK-made bereavement gifts only use the highest quality materials to ensure the gift stands the test of time. Our cremation jewellery is made from precious metals including silver, gold and platinum to ensure the enclosed ashes are kept safe. We also use glass instead of resin to create gems, memorial pebbles, ornaments and wall art. Glass is far more durable and will not break down like resin.

If you are struggling to select the right sympathy gift for a friend or family member, we can be there to help you through this difficult task. We understand the emotional toll of losing a loved one and how difficult the task of finding a suitable bereavement gift can be. Our team will support you every step of the way as you select the bereavement gift that suits your lifestyle, tastes and budget.



Choose from our selection of bereavement gifts and memorial keepsakes, including jewellery, wall art, comfort pebbles and pet memorials. All of our beautiful bereavement gifts are handcrafted here in the UK by skilled craftspeople. 

Visit our Worthing workshop to see how our glass bereavement gifts are handcrafted and select the ideal memorial gifts.


What is a good memorial gift to buy for someone grieving?

We have a wide range of memorial gifts available suitable for someone who is looking for ashes or jewellery, keepsakes, or artwork. You might know straight away what they would like, otherwise, it is helpful to think about whether the person you have in mind wears jewellery or if they might prefer someone like a glass Comfort Pebble with Ashes.

For jewellery, consider the precious metal choice, or gemstones, such as ashes diamonds, that they might prefer. For rings, you can order before even knowing your loved ones ring sizes, as we can send you a sizer in your Free Pack.

If you are unsure what to get; why not consider a gift certificate or help support your friend or family member by helping them book an appointment or requesting a free pack on their behalf. You can also read our Blog to get some tips on how to offer support.

Can you give children ashes memorial keepsakes?

Yes, our ashes or hair keepsakes are suitable for children. If you feel comfortable with introducing your children to a memorial keepsake, then there are certainly child-friendly ways to approach the process and we can help accommodate it to your needs and age range. Many parents find a glass memorial like Comfort Pebbles work great for young children. Older children may feel ready to choose ashes or hair jewellery themselves and you may wish to accompany them to an appointment or help them look online to choose.

Can you help me choose a memorial bereavement gift for someone?

Yes, we can help you choose a bereavement gift for someone. You can contact us or book a video consultation or in-store appointment to chat to one of our friendly team. We will ask some questions to help get an idea of what you may be looking for and then can advise further on our memorial jewellery to help you make your choice.

How do I choose an ashes ring or pendant for someone else?

When choosing memorial jewellery as a gift for someone else it is important to consider their tastes. As ashes or hair jewellery is such a personal and important piece, take extra consideration when selecting things like precious metal, gemstones, and engraving. Take notice of what they wear; do they prefer to wear lots of rings? Or do they only ever put in a pair of earrings and keep their style quite simple? You can always contact one of our customer support experts and have a detailed chat to get some personalised recommendations.