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Glass Art Memorials

Our Cremation Ashes In Glass art memorial is a touching keepsake for a loved one. Part sculpture and part artwork, some of our pieces are mounted on the wall, some are for displaying on a shelf, table or desk.To the casual viewer, the sculpture will look like a beautiful piece of glass artwork, but those close to you will be aware of the emotional significance of the piece. Scattered throughout the glass piece are small flecks of cremation ashes, offering a reassuring keepsake for those dealing with grief and loss.

Our glass art memorials are available in different styles and sizes to suit your needs. The flexibility in the design process will enable you to create a piece of memorable art that is perfect for your home. Designing a piece of memorial glass artwork is incredibly therapeutic and can help those coping with grief to focus their attention on something worthwhile. The art memorial will also serve as a source of comfort and reassurance, giving you the feeling that the spirit of your loved one is always close. We have a few collections to choose from, including the millennium ashes collection, seascape collection and rainbow collection. We also create small glass keepsakes including ornaments and pebbles to help bring comfort and reassurance during times of need.
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The millennium ashes collection is a contemporary glass art design with shimmering shades of copper, silver and bronze. The seascapes collection contains shades of aquamarine, blue and green to evoke memories of the sea. All of our glass art memorials are made to order and contain the ashes of your loved one. We can create memorial artwork for people and pets. The rainbow bridge is an incredibly popular choice for memorialising a beloved pet. Only a teaspoon of ashes is needed to create a single glass art memorial. We hand scatter the ashes within the glass memorial and these are visible in the finished piece, forever suspended in the opaque and transparent pieces of glass. Our wall sculptures include hanging brackets for easy installation and peace of mind knowing that the artwork will be secure in your home.


Alongside our wall sculptures, we also offer small memorial keepsakes to help keep the spirit of your loved one close by at all times. Our glass ornaments are perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree or for decorating your home year-round.

We also offer glass pebbles which can be placed on your desk as a paperweight or kept in a memory box. Memorial pebbles are ideal for children who want something tactile to hold on to.



We make all of our glass art memorials from scratch in our studio and workshop. We hand cut and arrange every piece of glass and carefully place the ashes throughout the piece. The glass and ashes are then heated in our specialist kilns which melt down the glass into the ashes so that they are permanently fused into molten glass. When the glass has cooled we then finish the piece . We can engrave many of our glass art memorials with a message or name. All pieces that are engraveable have an option for this on the website. The ashes are visible within the glass, so you will enjoy the comfort of feeling that your loved one is always close.



What is memorial glass art?

A piece of memorial glass art is a sculpture or keepsake object made from glass that contains the ashes of a loved one. We can create memorial art glass from the cremation ashes of pets or people. We offer a wide range of designs, including large-scale wall art and small keepsake pebbles. Each piece of memorial glass is handmade in our workshop by expert glass craftspeople. We select the glass based on the chosen colours and then hand cut the glass and melt it down within kilns to create the sculpture. The ashes are then scattered through glass before it is fired in the kilns.

How do you make glass from ashes?

The memorial glass is not made from ashes, but rather the ashes are contained within the glass. This is a superior choice to resin memorial artwork, as it is long-lasting and will not break down over time. Resin is unsuitable for memorial artwork as it is a plastic that will degrade over time, allowing the ashes to escape. Unlike resin, glass will not discolour or fade over time or in the sun. Our glass ashes artworks are designed to be durable and will last a lifetime or more with the right care. To create our glass artwork with ashes, we select pieces of clear and transparent glass, scattering the cremation ashes through the glass work which is then melted, encapsulating the ashes forever. The ashes remain suspended in the glass after it is cooled, polished and finished.