Glass Art Memorials

A glass art memorial is a touching keepsake for a loved one. Part sculpture and part artwork, some of our pieces are mounted on the wall, some are for displaying on a shelf, table or desk.To the casual viewer, the sculpture will look like a beautiful piece of glass artwork, but those close to you will be aware of the emotional significance of the piece. Scattered throughout the glass piece are small flecks of cremation ashes, offering a reassuring keepsake for those dealing with grief and loss.

Our most frequently asked questions

A piece of memorial glass art is a sculpture or keepsake object made from glass that contains the ashes of a loved one. We can create memorial art glass from the cremation ashes of pets or people. We offer a wide range of designs, including large-scale wall art and small keepsake pebbles. Each piece of memorial glass is handmade in our workshop by expert glass craftspeople. We select the glass based on the chosen colours and then hand cut the glass and melt it down within kilns to create the sculpture. The ashes are then scattered through glass before it is fired in the kilns.