When someone you love becomes a memory

Saying goodbye to someone you love is never easy. To help you navigate this transition, it is helpful to hold on to treasured memories. This is where the idea of memorial gift ideas comes from. Turning a keepsake into a memorial gift is a touching way to help someone cope with grief. And you don’t have to wait for someone to create a gift for you, it’s very common for individuals to order gifts for themselves.

So, what exactly is a memorial gift, and how can it help with the grieving process? Let’s explore this in more detail.

What is a memorial gift?

What is a memorial gift?

When someone you love becomes a memory, it can often feel that they are slipping away from you. As the days pass, you might feel less connected to your loved one, which can lead to feelings of guilt or further sadness. Memorial gifts offer a simple way to feel connected to the essence of your loved one so you can keep them close by forever.

You might not need to keep your memorial gift with you forever. In fact, over time, you might find that you rely on the keepsake less and less. But in moments of need, you will always have your memorial keepsake to hand.

Examples of memorial gift ideas

There are so many memorial gift ideas available. You can choose the gift that makes the most sense for your needs. For example, would you prefer something you can wear all the time or something that is reserved for special occasions? Here are some of the most popular memorial keepsakes to consider.

  • Jewellery. Did you know you can create jewellery that contains the ashes or hair of a loved one? Memorial jewellery is an excellent choice as it is something you can wear at all times. It’s also very discreet, so no one will ever need to know that you are carrying the ashes of your loved one with you. And finally, it’s a tactile thing that can bring a great deal of comfort. Being able to reach for a memorial pendant when you are feeling a wave of emotion can be very comforting.
  • Artwork. Memorial keepsakes don’t have to be something that you keep with you or wear, they can also decorate your home. A piece of glass art can hang on your wall or sit on your mantelpiece to serve as a reminder of the person you have lost.
  • Keepsakes and tokens. Some people prefer to keep their memorials tucked away in a memory box. This is where glass memorial pebbles or silver tokens can be helpful. This type of memorial gift idea can bring comfort in a much more private and discreet way.

What makes a good memorial gift?

A memorial gift should help the person grieving to cope with their loss. Some people feel they need their loved one’s presence with them at all times, which would make a piece of jewellery more appropriate. Others prefer to keep their memory tucked away in a memory box, or somewhere out of sight. For those people, a memorial pebble or decoration would be more suitable.

A memorial gift should also be long-lasting. If the gift breaks down over time, this could be incredibly distressing for the individual. When adding ashes to memorial keepsakes, always choose long-lasting materials such as precious metals or glass. Resin is not suitable for a memorial because it is a type of plastic that is prone to breaking down over time.

You should also consider the cost of the item. While it might be possible to turn cremation ashes into a diamond, this is an incredibly costly process that results in an inferior diamond. This means that the item won’t retain its value. While it’s unlikely that you would want to sell the item, it’s important that you don’t pay more than necessary for a memorial keepsake.

How to choose the right memorial gift

Jewellery is often considered to be the ideal memorial gift because it ticks all of the boxes. It can be kept close to hand during the early stages of grief and bring the person comfort when they need it the most. But as they begin to grow around their grief and find that they don’t need as much comfort from keepsakes, they can tuck it away somewhere safe.

When choosing a memorial gift for a loved one, think about what will bring them the most comfort. Adding ashes to keepsakes is a very popular choice for good reason, but if you suspect they might prefer another type of memorial, don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Other types of memorials could include a memorial plaque, a bench or even naming something after the deceased. Examples include rose bushes, stars and sections of the moon.

A memorial gift should bring comfort and reassurance to those left behind, and thankfully there are plenty of ideas to choose from to help individuals manage their grief