Can I use hair instead of ashes in my memorial jewellery?

Nowadays, as cremation jewellery is growing as a popular way to honour a loved one, more people are left wondering what their options could be. So, what if you don’t have any ashes? Or you don’t wish to use them? What if you have some hair? Can you put hair instead of ashes in your memorial jewellery?

We get asked this question a lot here at Ashes With Art and using hair in your forever piece is a wonderful way to remember and treasure that important someone.

There are a few options available, but our stunning Secrets Collection may be the place for you to start. Consisting of rings, pendants, charms, cufflinks, bangles, and more, the namesake of these special pieces lies in the clever way our in-house team of jewellers create them. In our Secrets Collection, the hair (and/or ashes!) you choose are not visible. We carefully pop them into a chamber; a small space inside the solid metalwork of the piece, and then expertly seal it up. Our jewellers will then engrave a chamber marker of your choice on the piece so that you will always know where the hair is inside. As you would expect, the hair you send us is treated exactly as the ashes we receive, with the utmost respect and care. All our jewellery, memorial pieces, and glass artwork are made here on-site, in our studio.

We usually ask for about a lock of hair but can work with something as small as a single strand. Our hair options can also include fur from your four-legged companions; dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, and even horsehair. Anything we do not use, we will keep to give back to you with your completed order.

If you still like the idea of our beautiful glass jewellery, or ashes as well, it may be possible to include a bit of both. We cannot put the hair in the glass itself like we do with ash, as our process involves using fused glass in a kiln and would not work in the same way. However, we have done gorgeous pieces with ash in the glass stone and set the hair underneath. This process can be a little bit trickier, as depending on the colour of the hair and the glass, the hair may not be visible. This can still be a lovely option, as you will know it is there, just as with the Secrets pieces. If you have any questions about this process, or you want to explore your options of using hair underneath glass, then you can always call our friendly team on 01903 216425, or email us at