Secrets Sparkle Heart Ring With Ashes Or Hair

The Ashes With Art Secret Sparkle Heart Ring with Ashes or Hair is a touching tribute to a lost loved one.

The solitaire design features a heart-shaped crystal gemstone that has incredible sparkle and fire.

We create a chamber within the ring that we fill with ashes or hair and then permanently seal, ensuring that the ashes always remain safe. Once sealed, we engrave a chamber marker to highlight where the ashes are.

The 6mm gemstone is available in clear or pink. If choosing gold or platinum, there is the option to upgrade your gem to a beautiful 1ct diamond.

The band is available in silver, gold or platinum to suit your preferences and budget. The ring shank is tapered to the stone, ensuring that the heart-shaped gem remains the highlight of the jewellery.

The beautiful diamond version of this design is on the following link: Diamond Secrets Sparkle Heart Memorial Ring