Our 5 stage process for a bespoke commission

Each and every day we receive phone calls about whether can do something bespoke for a client and many of these turn into stunning commissions that are really very special and unique. From Glass Art Memorials of skiers, kitesurfers or horses to Cremation Jewellery with multiple sets of cremation stones or representing angel wings, to standalone custom gemstones that are used as inlays on handmade guitar headstocks, there is not a lot we haven't done!

We absolutely love a challenge and also love being part of wider projects where we can add our expertise to your wonderfully creative ideas. Many of these ideas are very complex and highly technical so take a little longer to make than our usual speedy turnaround. The results are very much worth the wait though!

The wonderful thing about our team here at Ashes With Art is that it is absolutely full of experience which means that we are able to turn your ideas into reality.

We wanted to let you know the process we take you through when choosing a custom piece so that you know what to expect. Our 5 stage process is a very positive and inclusive experience and one we will think will make the end piece even more special for you.

Stage 1 - Understand the idea

When you have your idea for a bespoke piece of Cremation Jewellery or a Glass Art Memorial, get in touch with us to discuss your idea. If you are able to gather as much information as possible prior to contacting us such as images, sketches (no matter how rough) it will help the process, however don't worry if you can't do this as we will do everything we can to ensure that we really understand what you would like to achieve.

Stage 2 - Develop idea and details

At this stage, we share your ideas with our talented team and discuss the basics of how your idea might be achieved. We will develop the ideas you have at this stage and start to visualise the idea through basic drawings or images. This stage allows us to come back to you with further ideas and cost estimates. Often this stage requires a number of conversations with you the customer. We finish this phase when you are settled on a high level design and idea for the piece.

Stage 3 - Design and prototyping 

The design and prototyping phase is very important as this is the stage is where the detailed design is created and we create the technical plan to make the piece. The time taken to complete this stage varies dependent on the design of the cremation jewellery or glass art memorial. This stage uses all of our expertise and design skills as many of the designs we are asked to produce have never been made before anywhere in the world. Because of this, we spend a lot of time during this stage making sure that the design can be made the right way, first time and without issue.

For instance:

For a very complex piece of jewellery, we may decide to produce a 3d model of the design, make a sample or both which we share with you. We may also test the setting of stones into these samples to ensure that what we want to achieve can be done. 

For a glass art memorial, a full drawing of the glass art memorial may be produced, we may make a smaller sample or produce a colour swatch to share with you the colours and the effect this will have within the design.

Dependant on the design and complexities of the final piece, this process can be quick or take a little while. 

Stage 4 - Review and approval

Once the design of your cremation jewellery or glass art memorial is complete, we review this with you and ask for approval. This is the final chance to make changes before we begin our making process.

Stage 5 - Make the final piece

With ideas understood, designs created and approval from you on the design, we know ask our talented master craftsmen to begin making your final piece. 

Once made, we pass this through our quality processes and photograph the piece for our records. as soon as this is complete we will call you to let you know the piece is complete. 

We receive regular feedback that the process of making a custom piece with us is a very enjoyable and that the end result exceeds the client expectations. So, if you are looking to have something made that is truly unique to you, get in touch and we can start you on the journey to achieving this.