Inspirational Quotes For Loss Of A Sister

Losing a sister is one of the hardest things that someone can go through, especially if you had a close relationship with her. Whether she died suddenly or after a long illness, the pain of losing your sibling is immense and often has lasting effects on your life.

If you are struggling to cope with the loss of a sister, taking comfort in the words of others who have experienced the same pain can bring some comfort. Quotes about losing a sister will remind you that you aren't alone and that you aren't the first to feel these emotions.

Losing a younger sister is uniquely difficult as you will have known this person since they were born and watched them grow up. Some older siblings even play a part in raising their younger siblings. And losing an older sister can be equally painful as they may have played an important part in raising you and shaping your personality. They may feature in your first and fondest memories. Losing a twin sister can feel like losing a part of yourself.

If you know someone who has lost their sibling, it can also be helpful to know what to say to them. Perhaps you have been asked to deliver a reading at the funeral, or you simply need something to write on a condolence card.

Choosing a poem or quote from someone else can make finding the words to express your sorrow easier. Remember, you don't have to reinvent the wheel; the words you are looking for might already be waiting for you.

Inspirational Quotes For Loss Of A Sister

Inspirational quotes for the loss of a sister:

"The bond between sisters is unbreakable."

"A sister is someone who loves you from the heart, no matter what you do wrong."

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."

"There's no better friend than a sister and there's no worse enemy than one, too."

"Nothing can replace the love of a sister."

"A sister is a unique blessing that will last forever."

"Sisters share a special bond that can never be broken."

"A sister is someone who knows everything about you, and loves you anyway."

"Sisters are the best friends we could ever ask for."

"There's nothing like a sister's love."

"Sisters are angels who lift us up when our wings forget how to fly."

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."

"A sister is someone who loves you from the heart, no matter what you do wrong."

"The bond between sisters is unbreakable."

"Sisters share a special bond that can never be broken."

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Whatever stage you are at in your grieving process, know that you are not alone in feeling the pain of losing a sister. Find comfort from others who have walked this path before and surround yourself with people who care about your needs.

If you are supporting someone who has lost a sibling, allow them to feel the extent of their grief and be there to support them when it all gets too much. These quotes will help to remind them that they had an incredible and unbreakable bond with their

Inspirational poems for the loss of a sister

Inspirational poems for the loss of a sister

If you would rather express your feelings through poetry, the following are some famous poems about sibling bonds. Rather than focus on the loss, focus on the incredible bond that exists between sisters.

Goblin Market and Other Poems – Christina Rossett 

For there is no friend like a sister

In calm or stormy weather; 

To cheer one on the tedious way, 

To fetch one if one goes astray,

To lift one if one totters down, 

To strengthen whilst one stands.

One Sister Have I On Our House – Emily Dickinson 

One Sister have I in our house –

And one a hedge away.

There’s only one recorded,

But both belong to me.


One came the way that I came –

And wore my past year’s gown –

The other as a bird her nest,

Builded our hearts among.


She did not sing as we did –

It was a different tune –

Herself to her a Music

As Bumble-bee of June.


Today is far from Childhood –

But up and down the hills

I held her hand the tighter –

Which shortened all the miles –


And still her hum 

The years among,

Deceives the Butterfly;

Still in her Eye 

The Violets lie

Mouldered this many May.


I spilt the dew –

But took the morn, –

I chose this single star

From out the wide night’s numbers –

Sue – forevermore!

To My Sister – William Wordsworth

It is the first mild day of March:

Each minute sweeter than before,

The Redbreast sings from the tall larch

That stands beside our door.

There is a blessing in the air,

Which seems a sense of joy to yield

To the bare trees, and mountains bare,

And grass in the green field.

My Sister! (’tis a wish of mine)

Now that our morning meal is done,

Make haste, your morning task resign;

Come forth and feel the sun.

Edward will come with you;—and pray,

Put on with speed your woodland dress;

And bring no book: for this one day

We’ll give to idleness.

No joyless forms shall regulate

Our living Calendar:

We from to-day, my friend, will date

The opening of the year.

Love, now a universal birth,

From heart to heart is stealing,

From earth to man, from man to earth,

—It is the hour of feeling.

One moment now may give us more

Than years of toiling reason:

Our minds shall drink at every pore

The spirit of the season.

Some silent laws our hearts will make,

Which they shall long obey:

We for the year to come may take

Our temper from to-day.

And from the blessed power that rolls

About, below, above,

We’ll frame the measure of our souls:

They shall be tuned to love.

Then come, my Sister! come I pray,

With speed put on your woodland dress;

—And bring no book: for this one day

We’ll give to idleness.

The Importance of a Sister – Shiva Sharma

A sister is someone who loves you from the heart,

No matter how much you argue you cannot be drawn apart.

She is a joy that cannot be taken away,

Once she enters your life, she is there to stay.

A friend who helps you through difficult times,

Her comforting words are worth much more than dimes.

A partner who fills your life with laughs and smile,

These memories last for miles and miles.

When she is by your side, the world is filled with life,

When she is not around, your days are full of strife.

A sister is a blessing, who fills your heart with love,

She flies with you in life with the beauty of a dove.

A companion to whom you can express your feelings,

She doesn’t let you get bored at family dealings.

Whether you are having your ups or downs,

She always helps you with a smile and never frowns.

With a sister you cannot have a grudge,

She is as sweet as chocolate and as smooth as fudge.

Having a sister is not just a trend,

It is knowing you can always turn to her, your best friend.

These poems famously capture the unique bond between sisters and can help you to find the words you need to express your feelings. 

Poetry is unique because you can return to it time and time again and find something new in the words that you didn’t notice before. Reading it in a different mindset can shed new light on the words and encourage you to see things from a new perspective. This is one reason that poetry is so profoundly moving to those who are grieving a loss.

What do you say to someone who has lost a sister?

The rules for expressing condolences are the same, regardless of who a person has lost. Alongside some comforting words letting them know that you are sorry for their loss, you might also include words of support to let them know you can help out. 

Be specific in your offer to make it easier for them to accept your help. For example, you might offer to get together and talk over tea and cake. Or you could offer to walk their dog or watch their children while they deal with funeral arrangements. It’s difficult to ask for help when you are grieving, so by offering specific things that you can do to help, you’ll make it much easier for the person to accept. You can also be direct and let them know what you’ll be doing for them. For example, you might drop off prepared meals they can pop in the oven, or you might take them out for a long walk to ensure they stay active.

How to use these quotes and poems

These poems and quotes would be suitable for a funeral eulogy, a headstone or a funeral programme. You could also use these words to express your sympathy for someone who has lost a sibling. Finally, you could write them in a condolence card or even a text message if you are close to the person.