How Much Ashes Needed For Jewellery

Memorial jewellery is a touching and fitting tribute to a lost loved one. It allows you to find closure while still keeping their memory alive. It’s also ideal for helping individuals cope with their grief, as they will always have a piece of their loved one close.

Memorial jewellery can be bold and bright or quiet and discreet, it’s a deeply personal choice, and one that only the individual wearing the piece should make.

How much ash is needed?

There is a lot of confusion around how memorial jewellery is made, and the biggest question people have when they order their jewellery is: how much ashes are needed for jewellery?

The answer is that only a pinch is required, but jewellery makers will request a teaspoon to allow them to create the best piece of jewellery to memorialise your loved one.

The ash will contain different colours and different grain sizes, so it can be helpful to be able to select pieces that will stand out in your jewellery. When adding ashes to glass jewellery, for example, it helps to select grains that will stand out and interact with the surroundings.

For a secret compartment piece of jewellery, a small amount of the ashes are added to the piece and then sealed. Anything that is not used will be returned to you.

Do I have to measure the ash?

Do I have to measure the ash?

It’s common for family members to feel uncomfortable opening the urn and measuring out a teaspoon of ashes. In this case, you could take the entire urn to the maker and ask them to take out what they need.

This will save you the uncomfortable task of weighing out your loved one's ashes. Many people choose to have memorial jewellery made immediately after the funeral. This can be a very difficult time, and it might be overwhelming to think about measuring ashes at this stage. In this case, a helpful maker will be able to help you avoid this difficult task.

What happens to the leftover ash?

Any leftover ash will be returned to you. There is no reason for the maker to keep the ashes, and they will be returned to you so you can scatter them or return them to the urn. When choosing a company to make your memorial jewellery, it’s important to select one that respects the ashes they are working with and appreciates the emotional weight they carry.

How do you know if your ashes are even in the jewellery?

You often have to trust the maker that they have used the ashes in your jewellery, as there is no test to prove it. However, it would be highly unethical not to include the ashes and simply give a person a piece of jewellery with nothing in it.

If you are concerned about the maker not including your ashes, or if you are simply curious about the process, you can always ask to watch the ashes being added. This can be a cathartic process and helps with closure, as you will see the ashes being placed in the jewellery or incorporated into the glass.

How long does a piece of memorial jewellery take to make?

This is not a mass-produced item, and the best makers are often booked up in advance. They will work on one piece at a time, ensuring it is perfect before moving on to the next piece. Keeping the ashes separate is also a key concern, so only one piece of jewellery can be made at once. For this reason, it can take up to 4 weeks to receive your jewellery during busy times.