7 Care Package Ideas to Send to Loved Ones

When a loved one suffers a loss, it can be difficult to know how to show your support. You may feel helpless or unsure of what to say. Something as simple as sending a care package can let them know you are thinking of them and want to help. Here are seven ideas of things you can include in a care package for someone who has lost a loved one. In this guide, we'll explore why each of these items is a great idea.

  1. A handwritten letter expressing your condolences
  2. A photo album or frame with memories of the person they lost
  3. A hand-picked book on grief or healing
  4. A personalised mug, with tea or coffee
  5. A cosy blanket
  6. Art supplies like colouring books or journals
  7. Self-care items

A handwritten letter expressing your condolences

Writing a handwritten letter to express your condolences is a thoughtful way to reach out during difficult times. As an intimate message, it offers support and comfort to those who are grieving. A letter allows you to share a personal message highlighting fond memories and happy times the person may have shared with the deceased. It also acknowledges their loss through kind words of understanding and sympathy. This supportive gesture can provide a measure of comfort in an otherwise distressing situation, giving the recipient something tangible that they can hold on to in memory of a loved one they've lost.

A photo album or frame with memories of the person they lost

Creating a photo album or frame of memories to remember someone who has passed away can be an incredibly effective way to cope with the grief associated with that loss. Doing so allows you to preserve those special moments shared between you and your loved one and capture them in a tangible form so that their memory can remain alive. Generating such a collection of reminders of their life is also incredibly therapeutic. It enables you to keep every fond remembrance close at heart, gifting yourself solace and strength on your journey through grief.

A hand-picked book on grief or healing

Grief and healing can be overwhelming experiences, so it is important to find a book that can help to guide readers through them. A hand-picked book on grief or healing should be one that offers a supportive voice and compassionate outlook. It should also be tailored to the reader's individual experience, with realistic advice for how to deal with emotions, heal from past trauma, or successfully manage difficult situations. 

Such a book can be extremely valuable in offering solace and comfort at times when the loneliness of grieving or healing feels unbearable. Whether you want to explore the theory behind grief or discover creative ways to pave your own road to recovery, a specially-chosen book will provide both insight and strength as you travel down this difficult journey.

A personalised mug or ornament

Personalised mugs and ornaments can make excellent gifts for friends and family, as they are thoughtful and often customisable options. A personalised mug or ornament is an especially great choice as a special treat – it can be a reminder of a shared inside joke, precious memories or just a token to express your appreciation for someone you care about. 

These delightful trinkets offer unique opportunities to show off individual style; plus, many outlets even allow for DIYing so the recipient can create one-of-a-kind items that perfectly suit their personality. Personalisation is certainly more meaningful than the standard “off the shelf” gifts because each item celebrates the special bond between the giver and the recipient. Pair a mug with your favourite tea or coffee to create a highly comforting gift.

A cosy blanket

A cosy blanket is the beloved item of many people no matter their age. People love to wrap it around themselves, feeling the comfort and ease that comes with its embrace. It's a hug in physical form – one that can provide extra warmth during cold temperatures or be a source of relaxation when stress has built up. And much like any other friend, it can travel with you wherever you go, whether it is laid out on holiday or stashed in your car for comfort on the go. Your cosy blanket can bring security and contentment whenever you need it most.

Art supplies like colouring books or journals

A pencil, paper, and an open mind are three essential art supplies that can never be underestimated. Colouring books and journals provide an opportunity to express yourself freely and connect with your inner creative genius. Art is not just a great way to let off some steam after daily stressors but it can also be used as a form of therapy for mental health struggles. It’s no surprise why many have found solace in creating works of art out of paper, paint, or other materials provided by art supplies like colouring books or journals. From drawing to painting to simply doodling – these art supplies are a sign of hope: showing you that creativity can manifest even in the darkest times.

Self-care items

Finally, self-care items are one of the best gifts for those going through grief or healing. During hard times, it’s especially important to give yourself the care and comfort you need to get through each day. Self-care items like bath bombs, candles, essential oils, or journals are perfect for just that purpose – these items will remind the person they need to take care of themselves during their time of grief.

Closing thoughts

Losing a loved one is never easy, but there are ways to support your grieving friends and family members. A care package filled with their favourite foods, a handwritten letter expressing your condolences, or a memory book or album filled with pictures and memories of the person they lost are all thoughtful gestures that can bring some light into their dark time. 

You could also consider giving them a basket filled with self-care items like scented candles, bath bombs, and lotion to help them relax and take care of themselves. Whatever you do, make sure it comes from the heart and shows that you’re thinking of them during this difficult time.