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Christmas Decorations

Keep your loved ones in your memories during the festive season with our memorial Christmas decorations. The Christmas period can be incredibly difficult when you have lost a loved one, but our glass memorial decorations will help you to honour their memory in the most beautiful way.


Our skilled glass artists create beautiful bespoke Christmas ornaments containing the ashes of loved ones. This unique process safely suspends and protects the ashes within the glass, allowing you to see the small fragments within the ornament. The ornament is then paired with a matching ribbon so you can hang it on a Christmas tree or in another special place in your home. To further personalise the memorial decoration, it can also be engraved with a name, date or other special symbol.
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A cremation ornament is not just for the Christmas period, although this can be a touching way to include a lost loved one in the celebrations. You can hang a cremation ornament up in your home all year round to help you to feel closer to those you have lost. This discreet and touching tribute will help you to feel their spirit close by, and this can be an important part of the grieving process. Choose from heart, star or round cremation ornaments to complete your Christmas tree, or select a memorial pebble to keep close to your heart.


How much ashes are needed for memorial ornaments?

Only a teaspoon of ashes is needed to create your memorial ornament. We carefully select the right pieces for the ornament and then safely return the rest to you. No ashes are wasted or thrown away.

Can you see the ashes in the ornament?

Yes, and certain colours show the ashes better than others. If you would like advice regarding your colour choice, please do give us a call.

What colour ornaments are available?

You can choose from 16 glass colours, including clear, red, green, black and blue. You can then select between gold or silver leaf engraving. We also offer gold and silver ribbon to further personalise your memorial bauble.