How to Choose the Best Chains for Pendants

Chains are an essential accessory for anyone who loves wearing pendants. They not only provide the means to display your favourite charms but also play a significant role in determining the overall style and look of your jewellery. 

With a vast array of chain options available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best chains for pendants.

Consider the size and weight of the pendant

The size and weight of your pendant should be the first factor you consider when choosing a chain. Larger or heavier pendants may require thicker and sturdier chains to ensure they are properly supported. Delicate pendants, on the other hand, can be paired with finer chains for an elegant look. Make sure the chain can comfortably hold the pendant without stretching or breaking.

If your pendant contains an irreplaceable memory, like a locket photo or the ashes of a loved one, you want it to be as sturdy and secure as possible. Choose something that is durable and long-lasting, and make sure that you check your pendant regularly. 

The clasp will be the most vulnerable point, so you should invest in a chain with a strong and reliable clasp. You could also choose a continuous chain that slips over your head, as this will remove the risk of the clasp breaking while you are wearing it and losing your pendant.

Think about your preferred chain material

Chains come in a variety of materials, each offering its unique aesthetic and durability. Some common chain materials include:

  • Sterling Silver: Known for its timeless beauty and affordability, sterling silver chains are a popular choice.

  • Gold: Gold chains come in various shades like yellow, white, and rose gold. They offer a luxurious and classic look. Gold looks beautiful, but it is one of the softest metals, so it is the most likely to break.

  • Platinum: Platinum chains are durable, hypoallergenic, and have a sleek, modern appearance.

  • Stainless Steel: These chains are robust, corrosion-resistant, and perfect for everyday wear. They can then be plated with other precious materials to make them cheaper but still offer the look and feel of a more expensive metal.

  • Leather: Leather cords or chains provide a more rustic and casual feel, great for bohemian or casual styles. Bear in mind that leather will break down over time and may need to be replaced. 

Consider the different chain styles

Consider the different chain styles 

Chains come in a wide range of styles, each adding a distinct flair to your pendant. Some common chain styles include:

  • Cable Chain: Simple and classic, cable chains consist of uniform oval links.

  • Box Chain: Comprising square links, box chains offer a more geometric and modern look.

  • Rope Chain: Rope chains feature twisted links, giving them an intricate and textured appearance.

  • Snake Chain: With closely interlinked smooth round plates, snake chains provide a sleek and sophisticated look.

  • Bead Chain: Bead chains are made up of small, evenly spaced beads, creating a unique and delicate texture.

Think about how long it should be

The length of your chain can greatly impact the overall style and comfort of your pendant. Common chain lengths include:

  • Choker (14-16 inches): Sits snugly around the neck and works well with small pendants.

  • Princess (17-19 inches): Hangs just below the collarbone and is suitable for most pendants.

  • Matinee (20-24 inches): Rests at the top of the bust, ideal for larger pendants.

  • Opera (28-36 inches): Longer chains that can be doubled up or worn as a single long strand, offering versatility.

Consider your personal style and occasion

Your personal style and the occasion for which you plan to wear the pendant should also influence your chain choice. For formal events, you may opt for a finer chain with a delicate pendant. For everyday wear, a sturdier and more practical chain may be preferable.

You’ll also need to consider if you look better in silver or gold. In general, if you have warm toned skin, you’ll look better in gold. If you have cool-toned skin, you’ll look better in silver. Try on different styles to determine what works best for you.

Think about how much you’d like to spend

Think about how much you’d like to spend

Chains are available at various price points. Set a budget for your pendant chain, keeping in mind that different materials and styles can vary greatly in cost. It's important to find a balance between quality and affordability.

There are a lot of jewellery brands cropping up and offering pendants and chains for an incredible price. Shop around for a style that you like, and then compare prices between different retailers. If you purchase from high-end retailers like Tiffanys or Cartier, you can expect to pay a premium for something that you could find a lot cheaper elsewhere. 

Don’t forget the clasp type

The type of clasp on your chain matters for both convenience and aesthetics. Lobster clasps are secure and easy to use, while spring-ring clasps are smaller and discreet. Toggle clasps provide a unique decorative element. 

You could also choose a chain with an extender section on the clasp which will allow you to wear the pendant at different heights. This can offer excellent versatility and flexibility. These styles are also popular for children who are still growing, as it will allow them to wear it smaller when they are younger and then continue wearing the same chain when they get older.

Closing thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the best chain for your pendant involves considering factors such as pendant size and weight, chain material and style, length, personal style, occasion, budget, and clasp type.

By taking these factors into account, you can select the perfect chain to complement your pendant and create a stunning jewellery ensemble that suits your unique style and needs. One of the unique benefits of a pendant is that you can easily change the chain. This will offer flexibility that enables you to wear your favourite pendant with a wide range of outfits, simply by changing the chain.