Ashes With Art Glass Cremation Jewellery and Glass Art Memorials made in Worthing in the south east of England

Here at Ashes With Art we have developed our process across the last 20 years. We ensure that from the minute you choose your glass art memorial or cremation jewellery, you understand what happens next and feel safe in the knowledge that your piece is being created by experts who respect and understand the impact of a lost loved within a relationship, family and community.

putting cremation ashes into glass for cremation jewellery

Collection of Ashes

All we require is one tea spoon of ash to create your stunning glass art memorial or cremation jewellery. We provide a suitable container for you to transport the ashes to us or if you visit our studio in Worthing, West Sussex, we take care of this for you. Your loved ones ashes are safely stored and handled with respect. Any unused ashes are returned with your finished piece.

Cremation Jewellery and Glass Art Memorials Rings, Pendants and Charms being made by Siobhan at Ashes With Art

Creation of Glass Art Memorial

Each piece is made using specialist art glass that is expertly hand cut and arranged to the exact colour and design you have chosen. It is during this stage of the process that we take your loved ones cremation ashes and carefully place these through the glass ready for the fusing stage.

Glass with cremation ashes being made into cremation jewellery diamonds

Fusing of Glass and Ash

Now that your piece has been expertly created to your specific design it is now ready to go in the kiln and be fused. It is this fusing process that encapsulates your loved ones ashes forever in the glass. Once in the piece they are clearly visible, adding true depth and beauty that reflects the essence of your loved one.

Cremation Jewellery being hand made by Tara in 18ct rose gold

Making the Jewellery

Our cremation jewellery and memorial jewellery is skilfully handmade to your design, precious metal and size. By making the cremation jewellery ourselves, we can ensure the highest quality, ensuring the final piece is appropriate for such a precious glass gemstone.

Ashes With Art Glass Memorial Jewellery bespoke and custom made Rings, Pendants and Charms

Finishing The Glass And Setting Within The Jewellery

Each piece of glass is hand finished ready for setting in the Jewellery. We then set your stone in your beautifully hand made ring and hand polish the jewellery to complete it.

Certified Cremation Jewellery and Glass Art Memorials Rings, Pendants and Charms from Ashes With Art


Once your unique cremation jewellery or glass art memorial is completed, the quality is checked and your piece is certified. We then package your piece completing the process. All pieces can be collected in person from our studio in Worthing, or will delivered using a next day, signed for service.



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