Ashes With Art Glass Cremation Jewellery and Glass Art Memorials made in Worthing in the south east of England

Ashes With Art Glass Cremation Jewellery and Glass Art Memorials Rings, Pendants and Charms

We understand that all life is precious, be it human or animal. That's why at Ashes With Art, we also create our collections of glass art memorials and cremation jewellery using the ashes of a beloved pet. These make beautiful lasting memory keepsakes and fitting tributes that provide great comfort and assurance each and everyday.

Our service and process, as well as the pride and loving care that we put into each piece of Memorial art or jewellery is first class, ensuring your pet cremation jewellery is as unique and special as it should be.

Our inspirational Ashes With Art studio is located on the south coast on England, in the sunny seaside town of Worthing, West Sussex. We love it when people visit so that we can show them what we do.



Glass Cremation Jewellery and Glass Art Memorials Made by Ashes With Art

We have been putting cremation ashes into our glass for nearly 20 years and are a family based business that believes in first class personal service that is as respectful and enjoyable as you would wish for, and as positive as your loved one would expect.

Tara making glass cremation jewellery Rings, Pendants and Charms

In memory of your loved one, we fuse a small amount of cremation ashes into our specialist glass for your memorial jewellery or cremation glass art. This captures their essence and spirit, allowing you to keep your loved one close forever in your home or with you, wherever you go.

Cremation Jewellery contemporary ring unisex

Our glass art memorials and cremation jewellery have been expertly designed and created by Siobhan Jones. As every item is expertly made by hand, each of our cremation tributes is unique and holds a special beauty that is only created here at Ashes With Art.

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