What are the Benefits of Memorial Jewellery?

April 28, 2021 2 min read

Jewellery From Ashes UK

Losing someone we love is something that we will all face at some point, it can be a very difficult time & experience, particularly when the person is close to you. Grief affects us all in different ways, but there is one thing that applies to most and it’s the desire to once again feel ‘close’ to the departed loved one. This is something that’s made possible with ashes jewellery.

Also known as memorial jewellery , these comforting keepsakes help people to cope with feelings of loss during difficult times like these. They symbolise a physical representation of the deceased person’s spirit and they help to keep their memory alive. Let's look at the many benefits of purchasing ashes jewellery.

A Choice of How You Want to Remember Them

Ashes jewellery is essentially what it sounds like - jewellery that has a special compartment or gemstone that holds some of the cremated remains of your dearly departed. These pieces can be crafted to your specific preference, with a great range of designs available, you get to remember your loved one exactly how you want to.

Available as pendants, rings, earrings, charms and more, you can have a unique treasured memento of the person that meant so much to you in the living world.

They Represent Genuine Family Heirlooms

The concept of passing down of family heirlooms through the generations is one with a rich tradition and memorial jewellery very much fits this purpose. What better way to keep the memory of your loved ones alive than by buying ashes jewellery  and creating your own family traditions?

When you use a reputable company to create your memorial jewellery, you can be sure that they’re created from high quality materials, meaning that they will stand the test of time and remain looking beautiful for many years to come. There is also the option to add real diamonds to increase the actual value along with the senllery is that the keepsakes created are very much unique and personal to you and your nearest and dearest. Deeply sentimental and reflecting your undying love for the deceased, there is perhaps no better way to remember them.

What’s more, jewellery is worn on the body, which means you get to keep a piece of them wherever you go - something that you simply don’t get any other way.

Feel Closer to Your Loved Ones Every Day

So, if you would like to know more about memorial jewellery and what’s possible, you should visit us online at www.asheswithart.co.uk where you’ll also find our full range of jewellery collections, details of how to order, and how these amazing pieces of jewellery are created in our fully equipped Jewellery studio.

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We appreciate you taking time out to read our blog. We hope that by doing so, you fully understand just how simple it is to keep your departed loved ones with you always.