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Ashes To Ruby Jewellery

We know that with something as special as memorial jewellery, you want to be able to access only the very highest quality. Our ashes rubies pieces are affordable and made with the very best materials and techniques.



Instead of creating the ruby gemstone directly from the ashes our master jewellers create your piece by hand, placing the ashes securely inside the precious metal. 

We create a small space within your ashes ruby ring, pendant, or bracelet and carefully place the ashes or hair of your loved one inside. We then laser-weld this permanently shut, ensuring your ruby memorial is safe to wear every day.

The hand selected ruby retains it's monetary value and beauty as it is set seperately into your piece, but the ashes held safe within the chamber are what makes the design priceless. 



Can I turn ashes into a ruby?

The process of turning ashes or hair into a ruby gemstone is something that can be done. We explored this process ourselves and discovered that it is an expensive and lengthy one, more so, it was lacking in evidence to prove that the ashes were inside the ruby gemstone that was made.

We developed our Secrets Chamber process to get around this. We place a small amount of ashes or hair into a secrets chamber in your memorial jewellery. We can still set a beautiful, real ruby in your piece, and guarantee the ashes are also inside, ensuring your piece of mind.

Can men wear ruby jewellery?

Of course. Many men wear ruby memorial jewellery, as well as other precious gemstones. We offer a range of styles popular for men but are firm believers that with something as special as ashes jewellery, you can wear whatever you want.

Whether that be a small ruby gemstone accenting a silver band, or a 1.2ct ruby earring designed to be the star of the show, we have something for everyone.

What month is a ruby gemstone?

Birthstones can be a popular choice when considering ashes memorial jewellery. A ruby ring or necklace containing ashes will represent a lot of special meanings to the wearer and the stunning red does not have to be reserved for those looking for a matching birthstone. For some, though, ruby heralds the birth month of July and can add a little extra to their already precious piece.

What is a lab-grown ruby?

A lab-grown ruby is a ruby that has been created by experts in controlled conditions. It is the same as a mined ruby and is grown using specialist methods that mimic a natural environment. We choose to use lab-grown ruby gemstones for our ashes jewellery, as they are more cost-effective for our clients, and better for the environment and the workers who make them.

How much ashes is needed to make a ruby?

We only need a teaspoon of ashes to create ruby memorial jewellery. Anything we do not use during the process we will return back to you with your order.



Rubies are a stunning stone known for their gorgeous shades of red. From deep, dark stones to bright, pinky-tones, the ruby is a symbol of love and protection, making it extra special for memorial jewellery.

Rubies are also known for being the birthstone of July, and markers of 40th wedding anniversaries. 

Regardless of their many meaningful associations, there is no doubt that a ruby is a stunning gemstone and makes a worthy tribute to a loved one when used in ashes jewellery.



With the ashes or hair safely sealed within the Secrets Chamber, we can hand-set your ruby into your choice of design. Our rubies are all ethically lab-grown precious gemstones. Lab-grown rubies are real rubies and we hand-pick each and every one of ours to ensure only the very highest quality in cut and colour.